‘Choricha Mamla': Find Out Who Is This Policeman Who Has Come To Solve This Crime?

A new character in the film ‘Choricha Mamla’ is revealed today!

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‘Choricha Mamla': Find Out Who Is This Policeman Who Has Come To Solve This Crime?
Ever since the launch of the Official Poster and Teaser of the film, ‘Choricha Mamla’ comes up with a new twist every day! First, we came to know that Jitendra Joshi will be a theif in the film. Then we saw Jitendra Joshi stuck between the affair of sultry Amruta Khanvilkar seducing the homeowner Amarjeet Patil, played by Hemant Dhome. In the latest teaser, we saw the wife Kshitee Jog busting the romance. 

The daily updates of the film are so exciting that the fans look forward to something new released by the makers of the film every day. Today we can see that a new poster revealing a new character is none other than a cop played by Aniket Vishwasrao! 

Jitendra unviels this poster and posts, “सायरनच्या आवाजाने सगळ्यांच्या मनात धडकी भरणार....
चोरीच्या मामलात पोलीसवाला येणार! @aniketvishwasrao As अभिनंदन साहेब #ChorichaMamla #चोरीचा मामला #31jan2020”. 

The robber can be caught red-handed at the crime scene while the couple can be caught red-handed in adultery. Who will be caught, who will be punished and how will the cop sole this case?

Now that all the chaos is finally revealed, the fans are looking forward to a trailer that will actually string the characters together telling us more about the plot of the film. To know more updates on the characters of the film, follow this space for more!

Produced by Everest Entertainment and Swaroop Studios, co-produced by Sudhakar Omle, Akash Pendharkar, Sachin Narkar, Vikar Pawar and Smita Omle,  written and directed by Priyadarshan Jadhav this roller coaster ride of comedy will release soon on 31st January 2020. 

image source:-instagram/jitendrajoshi27