Aai Kuthe Kaay Karte, September 28th, 2021, Written Updates Of Full Episode: Kanchan And Arundhati Support Sanjana

Aai Kuthe Kaay Karte, September 28th, 2021, Written Updates Of Full Episode: Kanchan And Arundhati Support Sanjana. Then with everyone’s help, Sanjana gathers hard evidence in order to expose her boss, Mr. Mehta.

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Aai Kuthe Kaay Karte, September 28th, 2021, Written Updates Of Full Episode: Kanchan And Arundhati Support Sanjana
Returning from the office, Sanjana tells everyone what happened with her. After hearing what Mehta did to Sanjana, Aniruddha gets furious. But Arundhati stands up for Sanjana, giving her asking her to take action against it rather than feeling helpless. As Sanjana tries to quit the job, Arundhati tells her not to ignore this issue, asking her to expose Mehta so that he wouldn’t try this with someone else. Further, everyone joins hands to help Sanjana in her fight. 

Now, in today’s Aai Kuthe Kaay Karte episode, Kanchan Aai visits Sanjana in her room to talk with her. Giving her the perfect moral support that she needs, Kanchan tells her that she won’t tolerate it if someone tries to look at Sanjana with bad intentions. Further, she tries to motivate Sanjana by asking her why did she stay quiet when she can easily make anyone quiet with just her talking skills. Sanjana replies to her saying that she didn’t know what to do, as she was so disgusted at that moment. Then they talk about what women have to face while working with men and what they should do in order to teach a lesson to men like Mehta. As Sanjana seems to have lost hope, Kanchan gives her an example of Sanjana’s own sister who was on the high post and no one dared to look at her in the office. She then asks Sanjana to make herself so impactful that no one would dare to speak or look at her with bad intentions. Kanchan then tells Sanjana that besides the differences among themselves, if someone tries to do something bad with Sanjana then the whole Deshmukh family will stand with her. Further, Sanjana lays her head on Kanchan’s lap as she breaks down in front of her. Kanchan then gives moral support to Sanjana, while giving her Arundhati’s example and asking not to lose her confidence. Meanwhile, Arundhati brings milk for Sanjana and asks her to fight and not endure what happened to her. And while Arundhati and Kanchan are leaving, Sanjana thanks them both.

Further, Arundhati and Kanchan talk about how women should protect themselves, after which Kanchan leaves. And then Aniruddha appears in front of Arundhati and says thanks to her for giving moral support to Sanjana. As Arundhati tells him that he should’ve been the one to give it, Aniruddha tells her that he had warned Sanjana to stay away from her boss and wear proper clothes at the office. Arundhati then makes him realize that he wasn’t making her strong and instead he was inducing fear in her. Arundhati then asks Aniruddha to stop doubting and underestimating a woman’s power and asks him to support them instead. 

On the next day, Sanjana returns to the office and acts as if she has agreed with her boss’s terms. As she pleads to Mehta saying that she can’t live without her job and she’s agreed to do anything, Mehta starts planning their tour and celebration. He never realizes that Sanjana has been recording him all this time and when he asks her to cheer up, Sanjana shows him that she has recorded everything. Further, as he gets shocked, Sanjana goes to the door and everyone along with Arundhati enters the meeting room. Aniruddha grabs Mehta’s collars, as he gets furious. Sanjana then tells Mehta that she’s going to expose him for what he did to her. As Sanjana tells him that he’s going to jail, Mehta tries to threaten Sanjana. But Sanjana confronts him and as Mehta tries to argue further, Anagha tells him that they’ve found more evidence as they talked with his staff. While Mehta threatens to take Sanjana’s job from her, Arundhati confronts him, but Mehta tries to humiliate Sanjana calling her characterless and all. And as he goes on, Arundhati stops him, telling him that no one knows Sanjana better than her, as she herself is Aniruddha’s ex-wife. Arundhati then puts Mehta in his place, as she tells him that he has no right to expect anything from a woman. Hearing everything Mehta is left speechless. 

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