Amruta Khanvilkar Or Prarthana Behere: Who Rocks The Yellow Look Better?

Check out these beautiful pictures of our M-Town beauties flaunting their gorgeousness in a yellow look.

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Amruta Khanvilkar Or Prarthana Behere: Who Rocks The Yellow Look Better?
Our actresses frequently share their pictures flaunting their beauty on social media. But sometimes it happens, that two or more actresses share their pictures wearing similar kind of clothes or similar colored clothes. The same thing happened recently on Instagram when 2 of our M-Town beauties, actress Amruta Khanvilkar and Prarthana Behere shared their picture on the same day wearing the same colored clothes.

We all know that Yellow is the favorite color of Amruta. Thus, whenever she wears something yellow, the grace on her face is something else. Recently also, the actress made the morning beautiful for her fans with her gracefulness in an ethnic yellow dress. The actress looked totally mesmerizing while wearing the sun and her gracious charms in every picture captivated every guy on the internet. Her smile in these selfies blessed everyone with a graceful morning vibe.

Talking about Prarthana, the actress gave a gorgeous touch to her beach day, wearing a graceful yellow dress. The actress truly shined brighter than the sun in this beautiful look. The look on her face and her astonishing beauty in this attire made every guy skip a beat. Her gorgeousness in this post made even the shimmering waves of the sea look dull in front of her beauty. The actress also wrote a beautiful caption, perfectly befitting her grace in these pictures.

As both of the actresses wore the same color on the same day, it automatically gave rise to the question. Who rocked the yellow look better? Looking at these pictures it is difficult to tell who really looks better. Because both actresses look heavenly in their posts. Thus, it is up to you guys now to choose who looked better.

So, whom would you consider to have rocked the yellow look Amruta or Prarthana?

Image source: Instagram/amrutakhanvilkar/prarthana.behere