Bigg Boss Marathi Season 2: Rupali Bhosale Evicted, Gives Heena Panchal Immunity

Rupali Bhosale evicted, returns favor to Heena by saving her from nomination

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Bigg Boss Marathi Season 2: Rupali Bhosale Evicted, Gives Heena Panchal Immunity
Bigg Boss Marathi Season 2 never fails to surprise fans with its sudden twists and turns. The tasks, fights, wild card entries and sudden exits have been a roller coaster ride. This season has given us a lot of drama but what came as a surprise, this Sunday was the exit of Rupali Bhosale.

The initial few weeks saw Rupali at her ‘A’ game. The ‘KVRP’ team Kishori, Veena, Rupali and Parag, showed a strong positive strength. Their motto of ‘Unity, Respect and Love’ was adored by fans. Although Shiv was an on-and-off member with this group, he really came to the rescue with performing tasks. 

Rupali’s friendship with Parag was criticised by housemates but she strongly advocated their bond. Her major tiff with Bichukale was a smart strategy wherein Rupali successfully saved herself from nominations single handedly. Such a contender, who was once considered as one of the top 5, got evicted this Sunday.

What went wrong? Her inability to keep up her game after the sudden twists and turns of the game put her on a back foot. After Parag’s exit and Veena’s decision to leave their group, Rupali was trying to figure out her strategy. Sudden entries like Shivani, Aroh and Bichukle kept on re-shuffling the power dynamics of the house and swayed Rupali’s game into confusion. Rupali also accepted that she stopped playing with her mind and got emotionally involved in the game. The audience saw less of ‘Rupali’s player spirit’.

Nevertheless, all's well that ends well for Rupali, since she got a chance to return her favor to Heena post her eviction. When Rupali was given a chance to safeguard one of the contestants, she chose Heena. It was Heena who once safeguarded Rupali by doing a permanent tattoo of Rupali’s name on her hand. This week's dynamics are: Heena is safe and Veena will have to up her game as she was consistently in the bottom two. 

It will be fun to see the participants fight for immunity this week. As the end of the game is approaching soon, the participants will have to make their mark and start winning the hearts of the audience.

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