Bigg Boss Marathi Season 2 Winner Megha Dhade Starrer New Short Film Raises Awareness On The Rape Culture In India

Winner of Bigg Boss Marathi Season 2 Megha Dhade impresses us with her new short film with an important social message

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Bigg Boss Marathi Season 2 Winner Megha Dhade Starrer New Short Film Raises Awareness On The Rape Culture  In India
Ex-Bigg Boss contestant and winner of Season two of Marathi Bigg Boss, Megha Dhade is all set to be back on the screen. This time on the digital one. The Deool actress has shot for a short film titled Please Change The Song starring Vijay Pawar, Gaurav Raje. This short film is based upon a topic that is currently haunting our society, the problem of ‘Rape Culture’. A reputed newspaper published the current number of ‘Rape’ complaints filed in India is 90 in a day on an average. This alarming number doesn’t even include the number of harassment cases and rape cases that were not filed.

This film throws light on the less-discussed side of this issue: the assaulter’s psychology. Society unknowingly gives sets the wrong image of women in our minds and this contributes to the assaulter’s faulty belief system. Megha Dhade plays the role of a mother to a son and a daughter. She is a free-thinking and fun woman who enjoys Bollywood music. One evening as she is driving down on the streets with her family, she and her husband come across a dead body. This dead man confesses that he is a rapist on an audiotape hung near his body. He records in it how every bit of our patriarchal society has led him to become this man who objectifies women. One of these reasons is Bollywood songs which objectify a woman’s body. Watch the video to find out how a shaken mother reacts to this scenario.

This film is written and directed by Satyajeet Bhosale and the cast in the film is Megha Dhade, Vijay Pawar, and Gaurav Raje. The team of Parth Chavan, Chinmay Pawaskar and Satyajeet Bhosle are the makers of this short film. Fesliyan Studios have composed the background music and is produced by Seveche Thayi Tatpar Productions LLP.

Megha Dhade who hails from a small town girl, her journey was not an easy one from being a nobody to a famous celebrity in the industry. Megha Dhade made her film debut with the Marathi film Maan Sanman. She has also worked in Hindi serial Pehchaan aired on DD National. Her films Superstar and Deool were also super successful movies establishing her as a talent. Bigg Boss Marathi Season 2 was her claim to fame. Ever since her success on the reality show, Megha has become one of the most loved celebrities in the M-town. With endorsements, cameos and short films, Megha is making the most of her stardom! 

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