‘Dhurala’: Sai Tamhankar And Siddharth Jadhav Share A Cue To The Plot Of The Film In Their New Teaser

Know more about the characters of Sai Tamhankar And Siddharth Jadhav in Sameer Vidwans’s ‘Dhurala’

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‘Dhurala’: Sai Tamhankar And Siddharth Jadhav Share A Cue To The Plot Of The Film In Their New Teaser
Ever since the release of the first look of the film, fans all over social media, are curious about what ‘Dhurala’ is all about. The sensational title track, the color-splashed faces, the trailer with a heavily studded star-cast, and ongoing promotions with the tagline, “Dhurala tar udnarach”, all of this has gathered all eyeballs to the next announcement, teaser or trailer! 

Yesterday, Sai Tamhankar and Siddharth Jadhav unveiled the motion posters revealing characters. These posters reveal a little more detail about the film, their role and the ‘Dhurala’ they are about to create!

Sai has posted a caption saying, “चर्चा तर होनारच! #धुरळा | #Dhurala #3Jan #PratisaadProductions #HugeProductions” This means there will be a lot of gossip about this post! Sai guessed it right because the comments section saw an uproar of curious questions. In the motion poster, Sai says, “In the politics even if it is a woman on the chair of power, the strings are in the hands of a man”. The statement in a way throws light on the patriarchal political system of the country.  

Siddharth Jadhav’s poster has a similar caption like Sai’s, but in his poster, he gives out a bold statement saying, “In a wrestling match the defeated players can at least get up, but in a political wrestling match, the one who falls can never rise”. 

‘Dhurala’ is a political drama that shows the current political situation of Maharashtra. In the film, Umesh Kamat, Amey Wagh, Alka Kubal, Sonalee Kulkarni, Ankush Chaudhari, and Prasad Oak will be seen in important characters. The film is scheduled to release on 3rd January 2020. Sameer Vidwans who made ‘Anandi Gopal’, ‘Time Please’ and ‘Double Seat’ a success is back with a bang with ‘Dhurala’.

Image Source:- instagram/siddharth23oct/saietamhankar