Hruta Durgule And Meghana Jadhav Presenting Something New Very Soon

Soon Hruta Durgule and Meghana Jadhav will be surprising fans together with a new project.

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Hruta Durgule And Meghana Jadhav Presenting Something New Very Soon
Everyone knows director Ravi Jadhav posts various photographs of his father's scooter. Many celebrities have visited his house and clicked photographs with his father's scooter. Recently, actress Hruta Durgule visited his house. Ravi clicked her and wife Meghana Jadhav's pictures on the scooter and posted it as a set of photos on his Insta handle. 

We all know what a great photographer Ravi is! His vision and style are different and creative. He always finds a specific thing in a picture which he expresses with colors, leaving everything else monochrome. 

In these pictures, everything is black and white except for the scooter. Talking about Hruta and Meghana, both were looking great in these pictures. Hruta's poses and mesmerizing smile looked amazing in every picture. Meghana also looked beautiful with her enchanting smile in these pictures. 

But the most important thing about this post was that Ravi had mentioned something special in the caption. He mentioned #somethingnew and #somethingdifferent, which indicates that Hruta and Meghana will be seen together in a new project. Hruta, Meghana, and not even Ravi have revealed more details about this. It can be related to Hruta's upcoming film Ananya which Ravi has produced, it can be a new project, short film, photoshoot, or anything else. But we can't say for sure, what it is. But if Hruta, Meghana, and Ravi are included in it, we're sure it would be something interesting. 

We'll notify you as soon as we get further information. So stay tuned with us! 

Image source : instagram/ravijadhavofficial/   meghana_jadhav/