Marathi Actress Manava Naik Takes A Dig On December Rains On Twitter

Actress Manava Naik takes a moment to talk about the December rain and the climate change the humans are facing, on her Twitter handle.

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Marathi Actress Manava Naik Takes A Dig On December Rains On Twitter
Climate change is taking place at an immense level and it is happening in front of our eyes. As Mumbai experienced the rain shower today, one thing is clear that climate change has become the greatest issue on the earth. As per the cycle of nature, the rain in India stops around the end of September, and seeing the rain in December has brought great concerns to naturalists worldwide. Looking at the most important issue and today’s example of climate change our Marathi celebrities took to their Twitter handle to tweet their views about this uncertain climate.

Actress Manava Naik took to her Twitter to share her thoughts on the December rain in Mumbai. While sharing her thoughts on climate change the actress shared a picture from her campus.

The actress poked into the sensitive issue starting with a sweet sentence. The actress started by saying how romantic the weather has got with the rain in this winter season. She then came to the main point saying regardless of the romance in the air what about the climatic chaos and crops being affected. In a time where climate change has become the greatest issue in the world, we humans are still living like nothing is going to happen to us. Such ignorance and selfish intent have led humans to such a crisis. But we should act while we still have time.

Thus, we should take climate change seriously and work to reduce it. Many renowned scientists and naturalists like Sir David Attenborough have spoken about the solutions to this climate change and we should follow them to lead a healthy life for the future generation.

Image source: instagram/manava.naik,twitter/Manavanaik