New Year 2020: Mindful New Year Vibes With Saiee Manjrekar, Prajakta Mali, Nehha Pendse, And Abhidnya Bhave

These actors and actresses are sharing posts of their mindful new year celebration on their Instagram and Twitter handles

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New Year 2020: Mindful New Year Vibes With Saiee Manjrekar, Prajakta Mali, Nehha Pendse, And Abhidnya Bhave
As we bid farewell to 2019, a decade just came to an end, the world has been partying but this is what Marathi celebrities are doing. From romantic selfies to raucous parties, here are the best celeb Instagrams as the world welcomes 2020.

Dabangg 3 star Saiee Manjrekar, the newest starlet in town and one of the most beautiful actresses Saiee Manjrekr wakes up early morning and shares a new year selfie with us. No late-night partying and no hungover looks! Bright as a peach, Saiee gives us new year motivations to wake up early and pretty!

One of the spiritually connected actresses of M-town, Prajakta Mali shows us it is beautiful to invest in your self, take your time and spring back up on your feet to take on life. She writes, “Bye 2019...You were full of Karmic lessons, emotional turmoils, riots of laughter, spiritual and much more. It was personal, I owe it to myself. I am pretty sure 2020 will be full of travel, exploration, experimental, breaking the comfort zone, breaking the barriers, meeting new people and much more. I am so excited to live you, 2020. You seem good.#prajaktamali #2020”. 

Nehha Pendse was high on Sattvik vibes on the new year’s evening. Dressed in a contrasting opposite look from her new year’s party outfit, Nehha was dressed in a white Kurti and a no-makeup look. Looking the best at her natural self, Nehha makes us swoon to her sattvik vibes!

Abhidnya Bhave, the talented actor, dancer, and entrepreneur, declares that she too suffered from a mental health problem and advised people to dedicate this year to loving themselves first and seeking help in matters of mental stability. 

She posted a checklist for her 2020, a good vibes rule book, “Vibe 2020 *Attract positive. *Laugh more.*Think less...*Stay healthy eat healthy...*Attract only good vibe people.. *Just a few but genuine bonds..* Ban Plastic in life even plastic in Form of friends ....*Learn to say "No"... *Cherish whatever you have...*Eat less sugar...* Treat people like they treat you...* Whenever you start thinking about Yourself to be superior just Remember you are 1 of 7,754,608,004 million people trying to survive on planet earth *And last but not the least thank god everyday for 2020 #vibe2020”. 

image source:-instagram/saieemmanjrekar/prajakta_official/nehhapendse/abhidnya.u.b/