Phulala Sugandh Maaticha, September 29th, 2021, Written Updates Of Full Episode: Kirti Forgets Her Purse And Emily Finds It

Phulala Sugandh Maaticha, September 29th, 2021, Written Updates Of Full Episode: Kirti Forgets Her Purse And Emily Finds It. Emily lies to Jiji Akka.

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Phulala Sugandh Maaticha, September 29th, 2021, Written Updates Of Full Episode: Kirti Forgets Her Purse And Emily Finds It
Everyone gets to know that Shubham and Kirti met with an accident when Tushar reads the newspaper and recognizes Shubham’s scooter. Further, Shubham and Kirti barely escape the situation, as Tushar tells everyone that they might have snuck out for the movie. Further, Jiji Akka faces embarrassment as Kamla Mavshi makes fun of Jamkhedkars after finding the hanging nappie at their door. Even though everyone blames Kirti, Bhau and Jiji Akka believe that Kirti wasn’t behind it. 

Now, in today’s Phulala Sugandha Maaticha episode, Kirti feels guilty that Jiji Akka had to face embarrassment because of her. But Shubham asks her not to worry, as Jiji Akka would forget about it soon and he asks Kirti to get ready for the class. Meanwhile, Bhau appears in front of Jiji Akka when she is sewing. Talking with her, he makes Jiji Akka realize that she might have overdone it when she let out her anger on Kirti. Jiji Akka realizes that she can’t expect Kirti to be perfect at sewing as she’s recently started learning it. Realizing her worth, Jiji Akka goes to apologize to her and catches Shubham at the door. Upon asking where is he going, Shubham tells her that he’s going to bring his scooter back. Jiji Akka then asks Shubham where Kirti is and goes to her room. Fortunately, Kirti puts off the light in time, making Jiji Akka think that she’s sleeping. As Shubham chases Jiji Akka, Jiji Akka asks him to be careful while traveling at night. As Jiji Akka leaves, Shubham gives Kirti a missed call and they both leave for the classes. Further, after the class is over, Kirti and Emily have a nice conversation when Kirti forgets that she’s left her purse on a scooter. As Shubham arrives to pick her up, Kirti accidentally drops her purse while picking up her bag. She then leaves without realizing that and Emily sees the purse. Emily then tries to call Kiti, but as she doesn’t listen, Emily decides to return her purse in the morning.

On the next day, Emily visits Kirti’s house and Bhingri and Shubham see her. Not giving Bhingri a chance to speak with her, Shubham takes Emily outside. Emily fails to understand why Shubham is acting rudely with her. But Emily mentions the class while talking with him and BHingri hears it. Emily then returns the purse and Shubham asks her to leave, as Kirti is not there in the house and he also has to go out for an order. As soon as Shubham leaves, Bhingri meets Emily and apologizes for Shubham’s behavior, and tells her all the situation at the Jamkhedkar house. Then, while leaving Emily realizes that she forgot her umbrella at the door and returns to take it when Jiji Akka catches her. Thinking that she’s a thief, Jiji Akka tries to scold her, but Emily shuts her up telling her that she’s an Income tax officer. As Bhingri told her that Jiji Akka doesn’t know about Kirti’s classes, Emily continues her act and manages to escape somehow, while Jiji Akka gets furious by her behavior. Further, Kirti sees Emily and calls her, but Emily doesn’t listen to her as she’s in hurry. Kirti enters home, thinking that Emily might have told Jiji Akka about the class, but gets surprised to know that Emily told everyone that she is an Income tax officer. 

While Kirti wonders what would have been the reason for Emily’s visit, a new story takes place. After visiting Kirti’s house, Emily meets Tushar and surprisingly Tushar and Emily are a couple.  Emily tells Tushar what took her so long, as he waits for her, but Tushar fails to recognize who she is talking about. While the couple shares a sweet moment, Shubham passes by them but doesn’t notice his brother with Emily. Meanwhile, at home, Kirti tells Shubham that Emily visited the house and Shubham tells her that he already knows that. While they both have different stories, Shubham asks Kirti to get ready as it is time for her classes. But Kirti finds her bag missing, as she goes searching for it. Further, Bhingri enters their room, telling them that she hid the bag. and the couple gets shocked.

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