Prajakta Mali Flaunts Her Perfectionism In Yoga

Take a look at Prajakta Mali's perfect Yoga Asanas on her social media handle.

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Prajakta Mali Flaunts Her Perfectionism In Yoga
Everyone must constantly train their mind and body to stay healthy both physically and mentally. To do that, there's no other exercise like Yoga. In a constant working lifestyle such as ourselves, we forget to train our mind and body well and face health issues. Thus, we should save some time for ourselves and practice Yoga. A beautiful example of such a thing has recently been given by actress Prajakta Mali.

Prajakta recently shared some videos of her doing Yoga, on her Insta handle. She posted two videos of different Asanas. 

In the first video, she performed the Pinchamayurasana which is also known as Headstand. In this stance, she balanced her whole body on her head and forearms. This asana gives strength to the back, arms, and shoulders, making them strong. She also mentioned a motivational quote in the caption. 

In the second video, Prajakta performed Trauammukhashirshasana also known as Tripod Stand stance. Here, she balanced herself on the head and hands by keeping them in a triangular position. It relaxes your mind and energizes it. It gives strength to your shoulders, arms, neck, back, and core. 

Prajakta perfectly did these Asanas without any flaw. Her fans praised her for her perfection. On the work front Prajakta is hosting the Marathi comedy show Maharashtrachi Hasya Jatra and a travel show Mast Maharashtra. 

Image Source: Instagram/prajakta_official