Sharad Ponkshe's Comeback To Theatre After Battling Cancer With Upcoming Play 'Himalayachi Savali'

The 52 year old actor, will be seen in the play ‘Himalayachi Savli’ playing the lead role after recovering from cancer

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Sharad Ponkshe's Comeback To Theatre After Battling Cancer With Upcoming Play 'Himalayachi Savali'
Sharad Ponkshe was fighting the life threatening disease of cancer from December last year. Being one of the very respected actors in the industry, he kept his illness a secret from his industry fellows to avoid sympathy. Only close family and friends knew about the fight he was going through. Rajesh Deshpande and Govind Chavan, were one of the few close members who were a part of Sharad’s struggle. Committed to produce their next play with Sharad, they held the launch of their play till Sharad recovered completely. 

With the staunch support of these friends and family, Sharad emerged from this illness with a stronger spirit. The 52 year old actor, will be the lead in ‘Himalayachi Savli’ playing the role of Veer Savarkar. The actor will also be seen in the sequel of most famous TV series ‘Agnihotra’. Sharad took to Twitter to share a poster for ‘Himalayachi Savli’.

‘Himalaychi Savali’ is a play that recognizes the woman behind the great Savarkarji, whose support made it possible for Savarkar to achieve the monumental success in the freedom fight of India.

Sharad Ponkshe is a seasoned actor with remarkable performances in daily soaps like ‘Abhalmaya’, ‘Vadalvaat’ and iconic thriller series ‘Agnihotra’. He has a strong career graph in theater with plays like ‘Me Nathuram Godse Boltoy’, ‘Natasamrat’, ‘Barrister’, ‘Umbartha’ and ‘Nandi’. He was seen in a lot of Marathi and Hindi films as well like ‘Hey Ram’, ‘Mokla Shwas’ and ‘Dharmantar’ to name a few.

It is this spirit of Marathi actors that keeps the industry lively and the audiences hooked to the love of this art. Sharad certainly is an exemplary role model for many, but after this, the respect towards this actor and his dedication towards his art has increased immensely.

Image Source:- twitter/ponkshes/status