The 'Sahi Re Sahi' Legend 'Bharat Jadhav' Celebrates His 46th Birthday Today

Legendary actor Bharat Jadhav turns 46 and we give you 5 times he shook the industry!

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The 'Sahi Re Sahi' Legend 'Bharat Jadhav' Celebrates His 46th Birthday Today
Bharat who is known for his amazing comedy roles and who has worked in many plays and movies which have gained tremendous success is celebrating his 46th birthday and we tell you why he is one of the most legendary actor Marathi industry has seen! 

Here are 5 times Bharat Jadhav changed the perception of Marathi actors for the world!

Bharat Jadhav’s multiples roles in ‘Sahi re Sahi’
Bharat Jadhav is famous for his multiple roles in ‘Sahi Re Sahi’ and its sequel ‘Punha Sahi Re Sahi’. Being a play it is not easy for an actor to undergo a complete change of make-up and costume and be present on stage in a couple of seconds. This complex task was undergone by Bharat, not once not twice, but six times back-to-back in the play ‘Sahi Re Sahi’. All of this without compromising the quality of his acting. Bharat successfully did multiple shows of this play and its sequel for over a decade and still running!

Redefining education in ‘Shikshanachya Aicha Gho’
In times when suicide due to failure in exams was common in children, Bharat’s path-breaking film ‘Shikshanachya Aicha Gho’ came as a movement against the increasing pressure on children. Bharat essays this sensitive story with great skill and responsibility in the film.

Honoring the ‘Mumbaicha Dabbewala’
Bharat also glorified Mumbai’s hunger-superheroes, the dabbawalas by doing a larger than life film based on their life. Although there was dramatization in the film ‘Mumbaicha Dabbewala’, Bharat’s acting convincingly portrays the ethics and principles that these superheroes follow.

8000 shows of All The Best
 The iconic play ‘All the Best’ that completed 8000 shows in multiple languages across India and the world was originally a Marathi play. The first and foremost version comprised of actors Bharat Jadhav, Ankush Chaudhari, Sanjay Narvekar and Sampada Jogalekar-Kulkarni. Bharat’s role gave an interesting flavor to the play, thus making it the huge success it is today. 

The Unhero
In times where Bollywood defined the characteristics of a hero as one who looks dashingly handsome and can fight any villain, Bharat played many roles that challenged this conventional perception. ‘Gondya Martay Tangda’, ‘Bakula Namdeo Ghotale’, and ‘Galgale Nighale’ were few such movies where he played the ‘unhero’. 

With the recent success of ‘Appa Ani Bappa’, we wish Birthday Boy Bharat, a great journey ahead!

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