These 8 Marathi Films Are Levelling Up With International Shoot Locations

With off-shore shoots, Marathi producers are taking films to another level

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These 8 Marathi Films Are Levelling Up With International Shoot Locations
At first Marathi films were recognized globally, through film festivals and even Oscar nominations for ‘Shwaas’, ‘Yellow’, and ‘Ek Hazarachi Note’. But now are the days when Marathi film scripts demand off-shore locations for shoot due to the increasing globalized lives we have started leading. 

Here is a list of top 8 Marathi films of recent times, shot in international locations:

1. Gulab Jaam: This film is partially shot in London and partly in Pune. It stars Siddharth Chandekar and Sonali Kulkarni who share a bond with each other that is more than friendship or love, it is a bond of true companionship! Chandekar is an NRI banker and is torn between his passion and his friendship, all his shots that depict this aspect of his story are taken in London. 

2. Miss U Mister: This film starring Siddharth Chandekar and Mrunmayee Deshpande depict the hardships of the life of a newlywed couple that is in a long-distance relationship. Siddharth who is shown to be working in London has shot most of his scenes in there.  

3. Aaron: Aaron is a suspense based film starring Shashank Ketkar, Swastika Mukherjee and Neha Joshi. This film is shot in Paris where a boy and his father go to Paris in search of some answers that unfolds some disturbing truths about their family. 

4. Ye Re Ye Re Paisa 2: Produced by Hemant Dhome, this film is a recently released comedy film that is shot 95% in London. As the film is based on a plot where a major industrialist flees from India to London after duping people for thousands of crores, the film is primarily shot in London.

5. Ti Ani Ti: This romantic comedy by Mrunal Kulkarni is a take on a man’s love triangle on a honeymoon. Honeymoon location being London, this film is majorly shot in the most exotic locations of London. Pushkar Jog, Prarthana Behere, Sonalee Kulkarni and Siddharth Chandekar are the cast of the film.

6. Jhimma: Jhimma is directed by Hemant Dhome, his shoot in London is now complete and the film is set to release on January 2020. This film will star Siddharth Chandekar, Sonalee Kulkarni, Sayali Sanjeev, and many more stars.

7. Jaago Mohan Pyaare: Siddharth Jadhav’s hit Marathi play Jaago Mohan Pyare is now being adapted into a Marathi film by the same name. The film is currently being shot in London Deepti Devi and Aniket Vishwasrao will be seen in the film with Siddharth.

8. De Dhakka 2: De Dhakka first, saw a villager's family make a big name for themselves in the city of dreams, Mumbai. De Dhakka 2 is taking Siddharth Jadhav on a ride to London. The film shoot has commenced, Mahesh Manjrekar is all set to release the film in January 2020.

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