Why Did Star Sonalee Kulkarni Kiss Alka Kubal While Shooting For 'Dhurala'?

Sonalee Kulkarni and Alka Kubal bond on the sets of ‘Dhurala’.

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Why Did Star Sonalee Kulkarni Kiss Alka Kubal While Shooting For 'Dhurala'?
We all have enjoyed the behind the shoot scenes of ‘Dhurala’ thoroughly. The crazy boomerangs, vanity van dance, and picture post frenzy, Sai-Sonalee with their raunchy dance and a lot more! Sonalee Kulkarni has been creating a trend on the internet for ‘Dhurala’ posts. At first, it was only the film promotions, then started the ‘behind the scenes posts’, then the picture posts of their photoshoots for ‘Dhurala’, the boomerangs and more! 

Sonalee now surprised everyone by taking a peck on the cheek of the veteran actress Alka Kubal. While praising Alka Kubal, Sonalee says, “अल्का ताई... The biggest superstar of #dhurala
अतिशय प्रेमळ, मिश्किल आणि मनमिळाऊ. कलाकार म्हणून आजही शिकत राहण्याती प्रवृत्ति. माणूस म्हणून सगळ्यांना सामावून घेण्याची क्षमता. आणि सुपरस्टार म्हणून लोकांच्या मनात आजही अधिराज्य गाजवणाऱ्या. माझं भाग्य त्यांच्या बरोबर ‘धुरळा’ च्या निमित्ताने काम करण्याची संधी मिळाली”.

Sonalee adores Alka for her loving, quirky and amicable nature. Sonalee has learned a lot from Alka in the past few months as Alka has immense hunger for learning, ability to understand her peers, and down to earth nature even when she rules the hearts of Marathi fans for more than two decades!

It seems that the sets of ‘Dhurala’ have fostered great bonds between the cast. After the fun, the girls Sai Tamhankar and Sonalee Kulkarni had while dirty-dancing, the vanity van fun between Siddharth Jadhav and Amey Wagh and the superb bonding of leading pairs Sai-Ankush and Siddharth-Sonalee, this new bond too is grabbing media attention!

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