Donal Bisht And Krishna Kaul INTERVIEW: Duo On Teri Patli Kamar And Their Real Life Party Scenes- EXCLUSIVE

We had a chance to interview Donal Bisht and Krishna Kaul about their latest music video, Teri Pati Kamar. The on-screen couple speaks about their experience of shooting the song and more

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Donal Bisht And Krishna Kaul INTERVIEW: Duo On Teri Patli Kamar And Their Real Life Party Scenes- EXCLUSIVE
TV actors Donal Bisht and Krishna Kaul recently came together for their music video, Teri Patli Kamar. Their latest song is receiving good response and amidst that we caught up with the actors for a candid video chat. 

The Kundali Bhagya actor revealed how much he loves to party in real life whereas the Roop actress disclosed her experience of shooting the song and her idea of partying in real life. Watch the video below:

What kind of response have you been receiving for Teri Patli Kamar?
Krishna: The response is phenomenal. The video has turned out really good and beyond my expectation. It was shot pretty well and looks hot. I didn't know ki meri aur Donal ki jodi itni acchi lag sakti hai. I think it will turn out to be one of the coolest songs of 2020.

What do you have to say on music videos coming back in trend?
Krishna: Music videos have always been very interesting. I remember when I was a kid, there was a long list of albums stored in my computer. I had Enrique, Indipop, Backstreet Boys. And once again the trend is here. There are a lot of songs which can only work as a music video and this is not something now but it is coming from the 90s. It has also opened a new market for many actors including me. I never thought I would work in a music video.

Krishna, you are part of Kumkum Bhagya and have also done a reality show in the past. What difference did you feel between those mediums and the single?
Krishna: Here it is a lot about playing a character whereas there I was playing myself like how Krishna reacts in the situation. In daily soap, things are planned before whereas in reality shows everything is very instinctive.

You started with the web show Punchh Beat and now we hear a new season is in the making. Are you also going to be part of it?
Krishna: Punchh Beat 2 has definitely started but I don't know if shooting has started already.

Donal, how much did you enjoy shooting with Krishna?
Donal: It was lovely toh feel hi nahi hua ki hum shoot ke liye gaye the aisa laga party karne gaye the aur karke wapas aa gaye. So, it was that sort of an experience. And it's actually looking like that, the way the music video has come out.

The song has a backdrop of a night club. So, are you guys party animals in real life too?
Donal: Frankly, I am not a party animal. I like to attend house parties with soft music or guitar in presence of my close friends.
Krishna: It depends on my mood. Sometimes, I just feel like I want to burn the place down. This is the last day of my life and I want to kill it by dancing as if there is no tomorrow. Whereas there are times when I just feel that I want to sit down and listen to some old music. Look at the sky and be with a few friends and just talk about life. There is no in between- either I just want to be a drunk homeless man or I want to be a guy who is into himself.

Image source:Instagram/donalbisht/kaul_me