9XM Song Secret Podcast: Episode 76 With Talanted Singer Raashi Sood

Episode 76 of 9XM Song Secret Podcast is now out! And we have popular singer Raashi Sood gracing the show and sharing secrets behind her songs.

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9XM Song Secret Podcast: Episode 76 With Talanted Singer Raashi Sood
In episode 76 of 9XM Song Secret, we will be joined by talented singer Raashi Sood. While many might not know, she is a teacher too. In this special episode, she shared with us the secrets behind her independe songs like ‘Bewafa Hunde Ne’, ‘ Mil Mahiya’, ‘Sorry Sorry’ and ‘Kinni Kinni Vaari’.

While many may not know, but Raashi is a teacher too and hosts a very unique connection with music. She boasts an interesting journey. She has grabbed attention with her cover songs.

Raashi shared interesting details about her popular song ‘Bewafa Hunde Ne’ and revealed that the now-popular song was conceived accidentally and they had planned the makers along with Raashi planned on making an entirely different song. 

Elaborating the same, she said, “The fun part is that me, Navi, met Harley - producer of this song - at his studio aur hum koi aur gana banane wale thay. We were actully planning to make some female version of a song and this happened by chance and main kahoo toh saare ache gaane bychance he bante hai.”

The singer added, “And Bewafa Hunde Ne was one of the songs we did and luckily for us the team, me, Navi paaji, and Harley sir, we clicked in an instant."

For more such interesting secrets and conversations, stay tuned to the latest episode of 9XM Song Secret hosted by Shefaali Juneja.

Image source: 9XM Team