EXCLUSIVE! Antara Mitra On Collaborating With Kanika Kapoor For Her Newly Released Song ‘Dil Mera’: ‘Once I Was Offered The Song, I Immediately Said Yes’

Antara Mitra sat down for an exclusive chat with SpotboyE and opened up about her recently released song Dil Mera and her journey as a musician

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EXCLUSIVE! Antara Mitra On Collaborating With Kanika Kapoor For Her Newly Released Song ‘Dil Mera’: ‘Once I Was Offered The Song, I Immediately Said Yes’
Singer Antara Mitra, who became a household name after her participation in the singing-based reality show Indian Idol season 2. She recently collaborated with Kanika Kapoor for the song Dil Mera, which is already creating waves amongst the listener. She sat down with SpotboyE, for an exclusive chat and opened up her support to independent music and also shared glimpses of her journey as a musician. 

How did it feel collaborating with Kanika Kapoor?
This collaboration happened because Kanika asked me to collab for her label ‘Bajao Record’. Unhone mujhe kaha ki ek gana hai, agar tumko thik lage toh tum kar sakti ho. Then her associate Shweta spoke to me about it and we went and recorded the song. It was very simple, once I was offered the song, I immediately said yes. There was no delay in recording the song. 

The one reason why you felt like taking up the project
Frankly speaking, maine jabhi gaana sunna mujhe bahut accha laga. I could feel the potential of the song, the first time I heard it. I anyway support independent music. Kanika with her associates is really trying out this genre of independent music and she is doing a great job. So, I thought that without much ado I must sing this song. 


How different it is to record Bollywood songs versus independent songs?
As a singer, there is not much difference. You put in the same kind of effort that you give while recording a film song. While you want both the songs to do well, it is a little bit more special as independent music is the one genre that I wholeheartedly support. That is the only difference, otherwise, there is not different efforts that are put in.

Who inspired your musical career journey?
Mere ghar mein music ka mohol raha hai. My father teaches music and because of that, it was never a different thing for me. Music was always natural to me. But, yes, taking up music as a career was a decision I took much later in life. Initially, I used to sing for the love of music. 

Can you tell us about your journey as a singer in the music industry, especially since your participation in Indian Idol season 2?
One of the benefits was that despite hailing from a middle-class family in Kolkata, I was able to come to Mumbai. I wouldn’t have been able to be here if the reality show hadn’t given me the platform. 

How was your experience of collaborating with Arijit Singh for Dilwale’s song Janam Janam?
Filmo ke gaano mein collaboration hota nahi hai. It’s not a collaboration as the music composer of the song brings two singers together. Yes, you can say that the same song was sung by Arijit and I. Since we have been friends for a long time, it was a big release for both of us. 

How do you choose your song when it comes to independent music?
I just choose by my instinct. If I feel like I’ll fit the song then I sing it. Even if it is a great song, and I feel like my singing capacity is not up to the mark for this song then I’ll not choose it. So, I choose the songs according to my singing capacity. 

Could you please elaborate on what you meant by your singing capacity?
Capacity here means that if you ask somebody who is constantly doing rap music to interchange between their genres, will that be ever possible? I don’t think so. If somebody ask a classical singer to rap on the stage, they will be uncomfortable in it. Simultaneously if a rapper performs at a classical concert, they will be equally uncomfortable in that. Everybody has their own capacity, their own limit. Nobody is limitless. It is very important for everybody to know their limit. So, if I feel that it is out of my limit, then I don’t take up the song.

Since you have sung for different genres as well as language, could you brief us on how you adapt to it?
If you like music, you will eventually find your ways to do it. Koi music yaa gaana aapko pasand aaye toh aap khudko usmein dhaalne ki koshish karte ho. I haven’t really done anything great by singing different songs in different languages. Everybody who is doing it right now, like Shreya Ghoshal. She has so many songs in different languages. Every language that she sings, she sings like it is her language. Just the love of that skill set that she is constantly polishing. Iska koi explanation nahi hota hai. 

Who are your favourite singers?
Everyone is my favourite, Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle, Kishor Kumar, Mohammed Rafi, Manna Dey, Shreya (Ghoshal), Sunidhi Chauhan, Sonu Nigam, Udit Narayan, Arijit Singh, everybody is my favourite.

An advice for aspiring singers
Unko joh thik lage woh karna chahiye. Music yeh aisa format hai jiska raasta koi aapko nahi bata sakta. It is not like any other studies ki 5 saal MBBS padh loge toh aapke paas certificate hoga ki you are doctor and you can practice medicine. It’s a vast thing. Koi aapko raasta nahi bata sakta ki aap yeh karengey toh aap yaha pahoochengey. Unfortunately, persuing any art form professionally, there is no set way of doing certain thing. One should follow their instincts and their heart.

A message for your fans
Keep a practice of listening to good music as it depends on the listeners what a particular generation’s music will be like. Listeners jo sunna chahte hai, maker wahi banate hai. Agar aap accha music sunengey toh achha music banega.
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