Genda Phool: Badshah Is Trying To Financially Help Ratan Kahar ASAP, ‘Not Waiting For The Lockdown To End'

After giving his clarification on Genda Phool copyright row, Badshah has now said that he’s not waiting for the lockdown to end, and is actually trying to reach out to Ratan Kahar ASAP so that he can financially help him

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Genda Phool: Badshah Is Trying To Financially Help Ratan Kahar ASAP, ‘Not Waiting For The Lockdown To End'
Badshah, Jacqueline Fernandez, and Payal Dev’s sizzling track Genda Phool had been trending on music charts ever since it was released a few days ago. However, the song landed in a controversy after it was pointed out by many on social media that the original writer of this Bengali folk song is Ratan Kahar and people who know of him claimed that the line ‘Boro loker Biti lo, lomba lomba chool, emon mathaye bedhe debo, laal Genda phool’ is his. The makers were accused of using it without giving credits to Mr. Ratan Kahar.

Many people even claimed that Mr. Kahar sadly does not have the money to sue Badshah. As the issue spread on social media, Badshah clarified about the same, and shared a statement on his Twitter handle, urging people to read it. In the statement, he wrote how nowhere on the previous reprises or on any copyright societies was Mr. Ratan Kahar credited as the lyricist. However, after receiving this information, he wanted to do justice to the situation and urged people to help him reach out to Ratan Kahar. Replying to his statement, a user thanked him and asked him to help Mr. Kahar as his condition is really poor.

Replying to him, Badshah wrote, “Rohit, we are trying to reach out to him right now through people who claim to know him. Not waiting for the lockdown to end. Trying to help him financially asap. Everything else can be sorted later. Would personally go and see him. Thats the least i could do.”

The user further wrote how he is sorry for having criticized Badshah over the last few days. Badshah replied that had he been in his place, he would have done the same. Badshah tweeted, “One should get credit where its due.”

Image Source: Twitter/Rohan Dasgupta, YouTube/Sony Music India