6 Pictures Of Kriti Sanon And Nupur Sanon That Are Complete Sister Goals

The talented Sanon sisters are setting the levels high for the Brown brigade. With their immense will to contribute to the industry, the girls are set off to fly high up in the sky. Kriti Sanon and Nupur Sanon are totally sister goals and here are some pictures that will make you go AWW! Take a look.

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    Kriti Sanon spends squishy mushy quarantine with her enchanting sister Nupur Sanon.(Image Source:instagram/kritisanon)

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    Sanon girls shooting charm and love straight from their cannon of cuteness.(Image Source:instagram/nupursanon)

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    The sisters are spending the lockdown days nourishing their new family member, Phoebe Sanon.(Image Source:instagram/nupursanon)

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    Nupur Sanon claims that even though they are sisters and look identical but in reality, they are completely poles apart.(Image Source:instagram/nupursanon)

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    So what if they don't have a brother? Kriti Sanon is a perfect role model for her little sister Nupur Sanon.(Image Source:instagram/nupursanon)

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    Nupur Sanon considers Kriti Sanon as her true soul sister and shares a photograph from her album taking us down the memory lane.(Image Source:instagram/nupursanon)