Courteney Cox’s Birthday: Jennifer Aniston Has The Sweetest Wish For Bestie Monica Geller; Shares A Sassy Album For Being Late

Born on June 15, 1964, as Friends actress Courteney Cox celebrated her Birthday recently, Jennifer Aniston aka Rachel Green has the sweetest Birthday wish album for BFF Monica Geller

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    Jennifer Aniston shares an adorable Birthday album for bestie Courteney Cox as she turned 56-years-old.(Image Source:instagram /cococox)

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    The Morning Show actress Jennifer Aniston says ‘Happy Birthday to this amazing woman’ wishing Courteney Cox on her Birthday.(Image Source:instagram /cococox)

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    Jennifer Aniston then shares a sexy picture with Courteney Cox and reveals how much she loves her dearest CC.(Image Source:instagram /cococox)

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    Sharing a weird face of Courteney Cox, Jennifer Aniston apologises to her bestie for being late to wish her.(Image Source:instagram /cococox)

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    The Friends star, Jennifer Aniston ends her Birthday album sharing it’s ‘The end’ with a picture of Courteney Cox and her from the sitcom.(Image Source:instagram /cococox)