Renuka Swamy Murder Case: Naga Shaurya DEFENDS Darshan Thoogudeepa, Pens Open Note In Support Of The Actor

Renuka Swamy was found dead near the Sumanahalli Bridge in Bengaluru after allegedly sending disparaging remarks to Pavithra, Darshan's girlfriend

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Renuka Swamy Murder Case: Naga Shaurya DEFENDS Darshan Thoogudeepa, Pens Open Note In Support Of The Actor
The arrest of Kannada actor Darshan and his co-star Pavithra Gowda in connection with the murder of Renuka Swamy has sent shockwaves through the Kannada film industry. The case has not only grabbed the public's attention but has also led to an outcry on social media, with many celebrities calling for justice for the victim and appropriate punishment for those responsible. ALSO READ: Renukaswamy Murder Case: Darshan Thoogudeepa’s Co-Star Pavithra Gowda Wears Makeup In Custody; Cops Get Notice For Allowing It! 

Darshan Thoogudeepa

In a surprising turn of events, Telugu actor Naga Shaurya has come forward to defend Darshan. Shaurya, known for his roles in Telugu cinema, has expressed his unwavering support for the actor, sharing a heartfelt note on Instagram. In his post, Shaurya emphasized his belief in Darshan's innocence and expressed confidence that the judicial system would reveal the truth. ALSO READ: Darshan Thoogudeepa's Wife Pens Open Note In Support Of The Actor After Meeting Him - Read To Know BELOW 

Shaurya's Instagram post featured a photo of himself with Darshan, accompanied by a lengthy caption. He wrote, “My heart goes out to the family of the deceased, and I genuinely wish them strength during this difficult time. However, it is incredibly disappointing to see people rushing to conclusions about this issue. Darshan Anna is not someone who could ever harm anyone, even in his worst nightmares. Those who know him well can attest to his generosity, kind-hearted nature, and unwavering commitment to helping others. He has always gone out of his way to support those in need and has been a pillar of strength for many.”

Shaurya continued, “I cannot, even in my darkest fears, accept this news. I have faith in our judicial system and believe that the truth will come out soon. We must also remember that another family is suffering greatly as well. They deserve privacy and respect during this challenging period. I firmly believe that Anna, known for his integrity and compassion, will be proven innocent and that the real culprit will be brought to justice.”

In a show of solidarity, Shaurya turned off comments on his post, signaling his desire to avoid any negative or controversial discussions. The arrest has stirred significant debate, particularly after reports emerged that Renuka Swamy, a 33-year-old fan, had sent disparaging remarks to Pavithra, who is Darshan's girlfriend. Swamy was found dead near the Sumanahalli Bridge in Bengaluru earlier this month, and by June 10, there were reports that Darshan, Pavithra, and their accomplices were involved in the murder of the pharmacy worker.

Adding to the controversy, Karnataka Police filed a notice to a sub-inspector for reportedly allowing Pavithra to use makeup while in police custody. This development has only added to the public's fascination and the media's scrutiny of the case.

Amid these developments, Darshan had an emotional meeting with his wife Vijayalakshmi, his son, and a close friend at the Bengaluru Central Jail. According to his friend, Darshan was deeply moved and could barely speak during the brief visit. The actor's supporters, like Shaurya, remain hopeful that the truth will emerge and justice will be served, both for the victim and for Darshan, whom they believe to be wrongfully accused.

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