Manjummel Boys Ending Explained! Find Out If Subhash Make It Out Alive At The End Of The Film

Manjummel Boys is a Malayalam film co-starring Soubin Shahir, Sreenath Bhasi, Deepak Parambol, and Jean Paul Lal

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Manjummel Boys Ending Explained! Find Out If Subhash Make It Out Alive At The End Of The Film
Chidambaram S. Poduval directorial Manjummel Boys is a Malayalam film that was released in theatres on February 22nd. After a successful run at the box office, the survival thriller film was released on Disney+ Hotstar for everyone to enjoy. Months after the release, fans are still buzzing about the movie and its picturization. Following the journey of a bunch of friends to Kodaikanal for a trip, they visit the Guna cave, a famous place made popular after Kamal Haasan’s film Guna was shot there. Known as the Devil’s Kitchen because of the danger lurking around it, despite it all the boys set out to explore the caves.  

In the movie, as the boys arrive at the Kodaikanal, they decide to check out Guna caves’ existence. Despite knowing that no tourists are allowed to visit the caves due to the dangers that lurk in them, they decide to break the rules and explore the caves. One of the friends, Subhash, essayed by Sreenath Bhasi, falls into the cave, without realising that one of the openings is covered with leaves. In their panic, they start searching for him, however, they start to panic as they can’t find him. 

The friends continue to split in search of their friends and tension between them starts increasing. While some go to the police to lodge a complaint, others run to nearby shopkeepers to ask for help, who immediately refuse by stating that no one comes out of those caves alive. Despite all the refusal, the friends refuse to give up and eventually, the police agree to help them. One of their other friends, Kuttan, portrayed by Soubin Shahir is lowered in the cave to search for Subhash. 

Disregarding every possible danger he faces, Kuttan continues his search for Subhash. Eventually, he finds his blood-soaked friend sitting inside the cave. He successfully rescues Subhash and takes him for medical assistance. The Manjummel Boys return home safely, after which the story of their entire incident comes out. Kuttan is also awarded a medal for his bravery.
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