Thittam Irandu Is A Package Full Of Gripping Storyline, Power-Packed Performances, And Outstanding Direction; Here Are 5 Reasons That Prove That The Film Can't Be Missed!

Thittam Irandu also tackles a sensitive subject. It discusses how society rejects LGBT individuals and the mental pain they face as a result. This is also where the film stumbles. When dealing with a situation like this, how you portray a queer person's intentions is crucial.

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Thittam Irandu Is A Package Full Of  Gripping Storyline, Power-Packed Performances, And Outstanding Direction; Here Are 5 Reasons That Prove That The Film Can't Be Missed!

It's no longer a secret that many Hindi films are influenced by South flicks and then collect a lot of money at the box office. Films from the South, in particular, are a source of inspiration for strong performers and compelling themes.

Before seeing Thalapathy Vijay's Master recently, I was completely unaware of the amazing content the South cinema had to offer. I started to worry that I was missing out on fantastic stuff simply because of the language barrier, so I decided to watch one Tamil film every week, and trust me; it never fails to surprise me.

My recent watch was Thittam Irandu. Vignesh Karthik directed Thittam Irandu, which stars Aishwarya Rajesh in the major role. The film was recently released on the Sony Live OTT platform and has garnered immense praise for its content.

 Here are my thorough reasons why you should not miss this amazing film:


 Athira (Aishwarya), a 25-year-old Inspector who has been moved to Chennai, is on her way to her new assignment aboard a sleeper bus. She had a conversation with a guy co-passenger (Subash Selvam). Athira is smitten by the stranger, even though she has no idea who he is. The jovial young man, a part-time actor, disembarks without waving goodbye. He does, however, leave a short handwritten message wishing Athira a Happy New Year, simply signed "L-9" (the number of his bus seat). A heightened sense of intrigue fuels the young policewoman's growing interest in the enigmatic co-traveler.

 The conflict is established just 10 minutes into the story. Surya (Ananya Ramprasad), Athira's childhood friend, has vanished. Athira and her colleagues discover a burned dead body in a burning automobile a few days into the inquiry. Surya's body has been identified by forensics. Athira refuses to believe the reports and sets out on a mission to uncover the murderer. Multiple subplots and twists emerge from the investigation.

 The narrative is mysterious enough to keep Thittam Irandu interested until the very end, when, as previously stated, the film delivers a big surprise. The technique, the set of procedures that it employs makes its way to the conclusion, is very thrilling.


 The amazing performances by the actors will keep you fascinated. Aishwarya Rajesh, with this film, proves that she is a force to be reckoned with on-screen. Whether it's loss, astonishment, betrayal, or suffering, her tears speak volumes in this film. Her close-ups are a joy to watch. Apart from her, the film offers Subash Selvam's fantastic performance as Arjun and Gokul Anand's outstanding portrayal as Kishore. Apart from them, Pavel Navageethan, Jeeva Ravi, and Ananya Ramprasad, among others, provide the intriguing tale just the perfect amount of punch.


 While watching a film, if the background score isn't perfect, it can also make you hate the plot no matter how convincing it is. In this film, Satish Ragunathan, the film's music director, has created music that complements the intriguing tale and makes it a more interesting watch. Several scenes in the film are enhanced by the music.


 Director Vignesh Karthick, who made waves with his viral short film series Yours Shamefully, has done a fantastic job with the social themes in this film. He has created a well-crafted thriller with a compelling narrative. What works in the film's favor is that the conflicts are introduced at regular intervals, ensuring that the research process does not get tedious.


 Gokul Benoy's work as a cinematographer is pretty excellent. Because the majority of the sequences are shot at night, lighting plays an important role in the film's overall mood. The soundtrack and background score by Sathish Raghunathan was perfect for the film.

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