Actress-Singer Shruti Haasan Gives It Back to Trolls, Continues Advocacy for Sobriety

Shruti Haasan took to her Instagram story and hit back at trolls for posting unsavoury comments, targeting her for advocating sobriety

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Actress-Singer Shruti Haasan Gives It Back to Trolls, Continues Advocacy for Sobriety
Renowned actress and musician, Shruti Haasan, recently took to her Instagram story hitting back at trolls who posted unsavoury comments and targeted her for advocating sobriety. In her post, the talented artist expressed her firm stance on crucial issue, confidently standing up against the negativity that comes her way. She stated "Talking about my sobriety isn't working, Guess what God is kind, My life is kind. No amount of negativity BS before every release will change that. Okay bye, try and find your blessings too." ALSO READ: Shruti Haasan’s The Eye’s First Look OUT: Actress Shares A Glimpse Of Her International Film, Leaves Fans Excited

In a recent YouTube interview, Shruti Haasan opened up about quitting alcohol and leaving a sober life from the last eight years. Shruti has always been vocal about her stance on issues like mental health and sobriety and despite being on the receiving end of malicious smear campaigns, she always takes things in a positive light and continues to speak her mind and address such relevant topics. ALSO READ: Shruti Haasan Says It's Nice To Be In Love; Also Talks About Working With Prabhas In Salaar

The actress, who will be seen in the much anticipated Salaar faced a similar incident which occurred in January when Shruti had two back-to-back releases. Being a strong advocate of sobriety and mental health, Shruti urges people to refrain from judging and spreading negativity on social media.
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