Anupamaa SPOILER ALERT 25 January 2024: Anu Scolds Toshu For Partying When Pari Is Sick; Dimpy Cries After Tapish Leaves The Shah House

In the upcoming episode of Anupamaa, Shruti and Anuj reach the restaurant and get to know about the fire, former gets worried about Joshiben

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Anupamaa SPOILER ALERT 25 January 2024: Anu Scolds Toshu For Partying When Pari Is Sick; Dimpy Cries After Tapish Leaves The Shah House
Star Plus’ television serial Anupamaa has been raking in all the love from audiences ever since it started airing in 2020. Starring Rupali Ganguly, Gaurav Khanna, Aurra Bhatnagar, Sudhanshu Pandey, and others, the show's makers recently introduced a 5-year leap. Today’s episode starts with Yashdeep coming home and asking Beeji why she is silent. Anu comes there and gives them tea. She asks him about the restaurant and he tells her that nothing much can be done until the insurance company completes the paperwork. Anu goes on to suggest that they should start a home delivery tiffin service as it happens back in India, as most of their orders take away. Beeji and Yashdeep like her idea and praise her for it. 

As Anu leaves Beeji tells Yashdeep that she overheard the former’s talk with Kinjal and shares how the daughter-in-law wants her to move in with them. She tells him how Toshu doesn’t want his mother to stay with them Beeji tells Yeshdeep that she doesn’t want Anu to leave the house as she feels lonely with both her sons working constantly. She starts reminiscing about her life in the village and Yashdeep consoles her and asks her not to cry. Back at the Shah house, the kids get emotional as Tapish starts leaving. They force him to stay. Tapish explains to them how he can’t stay with them. As Ansh, Mahi, and Ishani start forcing him to stay, Dimpy scolds them and tells them to let Tapish leave. The kids run inside the house.

Tapish leaves the Shah house leaving Dimpy heartbroken. Anuj and Shruti arrive at Spice and Chutney. They get to know about the fire that broke out in the restaurant. Shruti starts getting worried about Joshiben’s whereabouts. Anuj tries to pacify her but she explains how she has found a mentor in Joshiben and that she feels safe and relaxed talking to her. Anu starts working on the tiffin service. Dimpy pacifies a crying Ishani and tries to cheer her up. Kavya asks Dimpy how she will pacify herself. Pakhi on the other hand, leaves home to attend a party after she gets a message from her friends.

As the episode comes to an end, Yashdeep, Anupamaa, and Beeji spend some quality time together. It is also revealed that a girl had left Yashdeep during their wedding day betraying his love. Yashdeep and Anu get sad thinking about their love. In the upcoming episode of the show, it will be seen that Anu will take care of Kinjal. A drunk Toshu comes home and she scolds him for partying when his daughter Pari is sick. Irritated Paritosh will ask her to get out of his house and even gives her money for the cab. Anu will be shocked to see how her son acts so rudely. Anuj and Yashdeep will meet and talk about love.
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