Arhaan Khan Tried To Force Himself Upon Aadesh Shrivastava's Niece Madhvi, Ex Amrita Dhanoa Wants Her To Go Public- EXCLUSIVE

Madhvi, niece of late musician Aadesh Shrivastava is miffed with Arhaan Khan's ex-girlfriend Amrita Dhanoa for LEAKING out their personal conversation wherein she told Dhanoa that the man had tried to force himself on her. On the other hand, Amrita asks Madhvi to stand by her side fearlessly

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Arhaan Khan Tried To Force Himself Upon Aadesh Shrivastava's Niece Madhvi, Ex Amrita Dhanoa Wants Her To Go Public- EXCLUSIVE
Bigg Boss 13 inmate Arhaan Khan who’s in the headlines for his romantic affair with Rashami Desai, is firm on his stand that he doesn’t know Amrita Dhanoa, but the latter is adamant and continues to stick to her words that she was in a live-in relationship with the man for 5 years and was cheated by him.

Recently, Amrita leaked out a conversation of Madhvi, singer and niece of late musician Aadesh Shrivastava who had told her in confidence that Arhaan tried to force himself on her in the past. Now, Amrita has put out this conversation on YouTube.


SpotboyE has it that Madhvi is terribly upset with Amrita for doing this. She considers it as betrayal of faith and right now doesn't want to come out and speak about it. So, we called up Amrita and questioned her as to why has she brought out Madhvi’s matter suddenly out of nowhere, for she is a singer who's just beginning to get her foothold.

The story goes that Arhaan, Amrita and Madhvi were staying together. Amrita said, "Yes, that's true that we were in a live-in and Madhvi stayed with us as a paying guest. We got along very well and Madhvi was like a friend. I have already spoken so much about Arhaan where I don't have to repeat what kind of a man he is. He deceived not just me but he is also cheating on Rashami.” (ALSO READ:- STUNNER OR BUMMER: Sunny Leone, Ananya Panday, Disha Patani, Hina Khan Or Vaani Kapoor?)


Amrita continues, "Madhvi needs to understand that I'm not trying to malign her. I'm maligning Arhaan Khan. I'm just stating the truth. I'm exposing that man who deserves to be seen as he is. In fact, I think Madhvi should come out in the open and support me in my fight against Arhaan. If I had put out a wrong tape, by which I mean that the voice was not of Madhvi, then I can be definitely castigated. But jo maine kiya hai, woh sirf sach hai.

Is it wrong to come out with facts? This has happened and it is just in tandem with what I'm trying to say about Arhaan's character. So please don't blame me for that,” Amrita signed off.

Madhvi, are you going to speak now? Our pages are always open for you.

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