Asim Riaz's GF Himanshi Khurana Is In A Mood, Hopes THESE People Get 'Explosive Diarrhea With Sneezes'

Having haters along with your fans is very natural. BB13 contestant and Asim Riaz’s gf Himanshi Khurana has a hilarious outcome in mind for her wrong doers. The budding actress feels, suffering diarrhoe while being stuck in traffic with frequent sneezing, is more deadlier than death. Word

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Asim Riaz's GF Himanshi Khurana Is In A Mood, Hopes THESE People Get 'Explosive Diarrhea With Sneezes'
We just can’t stop laughing at Asim Riaz’s girlfriend Himanshi Khurana’s Instagram story. Her Instagram story left us nodding in agreement. Possibly directing this Instagram story of her to all the people who wronged her or cheated her or took advantage of her sometime or the other in her life. Hence, the budding artiste not wishing easy death for such wrong doers, this BB13 contestant had something totally hilarious for them, serving apt for their deeds. And it’s totally worth a laugh.

Himanshi instead of wishing easy death for them, wished that these wrong doers should compelling to remain stuck in traffic, when they have to attend a nature’s call which is completely involuntary and out of human’s control. In this case, she mentioned of suffering from diarrhoe while being stuck in traffic and a sudden sneeze, making it like a hell of an experience. Man! That’s totally wicked, one can think of and yes suffering to this will be nothing less than death for sure. Are you too nodding in agreement?

Her Instagram story read, “I never wish death upon anybody who wrongs me. I wish sudden explosive sudden diaarhoe while stuck in traffic… with frequent sneezes.”


Himanshi Khurana is one of the most talked contestants of Bigg Boss 13 for her instant connect with BB13 first runners up Asim Riaz. ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 13: Himanshi Khurana’s Love Song, Ohdi Shreaam, Dedicated To Asim Riaz Clocks In 10 Million Views

Their relationship is blossoming with each passing day, though in the past Asim’s brother Umar termed it as mere affection, now Umar has readily accepted their relationship.  Also Asim’s calling her Queen is already hinting of their relationship heading in the right direction.

Image Source: Instagram/ iamhimanshikhurana