Bahot Gandi Halat Thi Meri: Uorfi Javed REVEALS She Was Once Treated Badly On Television Sets

Uorfi Javed opens up about a past incident where she was treated badly on television sets, here's what she said

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Bahot Gandi Halat Thi Meri: Uorfi Javed REVEALS She Was Once Treated Badly On Television Sets
Uorfi Javed has carved a significant niche for herself in recent years, primarily due to her distinctive and unconventional fashion sense. Known for her appearances on Bigg Boss OTT, Uorfi has worked diligently on her unique style and bold wardrobe choices. Her candid personality and outspoken nature have also earned her a reputation for standing up to trolls and critics who try to offer unsolicited moral lessons. ALSO READ: Janhvi Kapoor REVEALS She Is Inspired By Urfi Javed's Fashion, Says 'How Creative She Is!' 

Recently, Uorfi opened up about her experiences working in the television industry, which she described as largely unpleasant. In an interview with Bollywood Bubble, she candidly labelled her time in TV as "not a good one." She elaborated on the challenges she faced, particularly as a side character. According to Uorfi, if you're not the lead actress, you encounter numerous difficulties and poor treatment. She recounted incidents of mistreatment and disrespect, saying, "If you aren’t the lead – I was a side character in the show, then there are difficulties; they do not treat you nicely at all. On some sets, they misbehave a lot, treating you like a dog. The treatment is very bad. Some production houses are really terrible. Why lie?” ALSO READ: Uorfi Javed Mercilessly Trolled For Her Blue Thigh High-Slit Pillow Dress; Netizens Say, ‘Apna Boriya Bistar Sath Lekar Chalti’- WATC

Uorfi also highlighted the issue of delayed payments in the television industry, noting that payments were often late and sometimes even deducted. She lamented the harsh reality of working as a side character, stating, "They make late payments, and sometimes they deduct it. There are many unscrupulous people in the industry. My condition was very bad working in TV because as a side character, I had no standing. They made me cry a lot."

Despite the adversities she faced, Uorfi's fashion choices have started to win over fans. However, she hasn't been immune to trolling. Last year, she was harshly criticized after being photographed at the airport in a backless, strappy green dress. During the interaction with the paparazzi, a man made a disparaging comment, saying, "This is not allowed, it tarnishes India's name." This infuriated Uorfi, who retorted, "Is it costing your father anything? No, right?" The man persisted, insisting, "This is wrong, it tarnishes India's name." Uorfi, visibly upset, responded by asking if she was his daughter and told him to mind his own business, saying, "Am I your daughter? Do your work."

Uorfi's journey in the entertainment industry has been marked by both her bold fashion statements and her resilience in the face of criticism and adversity. Her experiences highlight the challenges faced by those who dare to stand out and speak up in a highly competitive and often unforgiving industry.

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