Bigg Boss 12: Surbhi Rana Gets Ticket To Finale But Is She A Finalist Yet?

Bigg Boss 12 is heading towards the finale and the adrenaline levels are rising. This week, the ticket to finale task was held in the house. Any guesses who won it? Well, it was none other than the wild card contestant, Surbhi Rana

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Bigg Boss 12: Surbhi Rana Gets Ticket To Finale But Is She A Finalist Yet?
The clock is ticking! Colors TV’s most controversial show, Bigg Boss 12 is soon going to witness its finale. What’s the scene inside the house? Very competitive! The race for ticket to finale has already begun and we hear wild card contestant, Surbhi Rana is the first one who has got the finale ticket. Various Bigg Boss fan pages have tweeted about it too.

But as we all know, everything comes with a twist in Bigg Boss house. So, in spite of having a ticket to finale, Surbhi might not compete in the finals. Reason? Well, the wild card contestant is nominated for mid-week eviction too. Another fan page has tweeted, “#SurbhiRana won TicketToFinale week but still she is not the Finalist as she is liable to Mid-Week eviction in Finale week. Finalist will be declared after mid-week eviction in FinaleWeek (sic)"

So, if Surbhi gets evicted during the mid-week elimination, then this ticket to finale will be null and void. Surbhi Rana's journey in the show has been quite interesting as initially she was locked at the outhouse along with her jodi Kriti Verma but on the very first day she got evicted and her partner Kriti entered the house with another commoner, Roshmi Banik. After a number of weeks, Kriti got evicted and Surbhi Rana entered the house along with Romil Chaudhary. Since then the two shared a very good bond but with time the chemistry between the duo faded. Recently, Surbhi received a lot of hatred by housemates’ family members during a task. The commoner’s loud voice and over the top comments are often reasons for a fight or a controversy inside the house. Sreesanth's wife Bhuvneshwari is also extremely miffed with Surbhi for constantly instigating and insulting the controversial cricketer on national television.