Bigg Boss 13 Nov 29 2019 SPOILER ALERT: Sidharth Shukla To Romance Rashami Desai, Fight With Arti Singh And Send Paras To Jail

The equations between the contestants have changed dramatically in Bigg Boss 13 house. Friends have become enemies, and vice versa. Today, we shall see Sidharth Shukla being the centre of attraction

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Bigg Boss 13 Nov 29 2019 SPOILER ALERT: Sidharth Shukla To Romance Rashami Desai, Fight With Arti Singh And Send Paras To Jail
What has happened to Sidharth Shukla? Where has the angry young man disappeared? He is no more that aggressive, always ready to fight Wala contestant. Rather he has become this calm, sweet and caring boy in the house. Today though, we shall get to see many sides of his. He'll be seen romancing Rashami Desai (yes, we are in shock too), he'll be fighting with Arti Singh over what's wrong and like a fair captain, he'll go against now good friend Paras Chhabra and send him to jail. 

In the promo that has made it to the internet, we see Rashami and Sidharth romantically talking to each other. Their gaze is set on each other and Sidharth is saying some nice things about Rashami. He is praising her eyes and the blush on her face is clearly visible. We wonder from where is all this pyaar between these two coming from. We know that they have had a thing for each other in the past, and those feelings have not completely gone it seems. (Also Read: Bigg Boss 13: Rashami Desai SHOCKS Everyone As She Chooses Sidharth Shukla As The Captain; Netizens Hail #SidRa)

Next, Hindustani Bhau is in the mood to have some fun and he steals the food of one of the contestants who won the luxury budget task. That's against the rule and he is caught red-handed by captain Sidharth Shukla. Arti Singh then fights with Sidharth saying that Bhau should be punished. Sid shares a good equation with Bhau and he fights with Arti saying that she shouldn't advice him what to do and what not to do. 

The last bit where Sidharth will once again gain focus is when he will nominate Paras Chhabra to go to jail. Paras has been one of the strongest supporters of Sidharth for the past few days and it came as a shocker to him that Sid took his name. Sidharth justifies saying that Paras crossed a line while fighting with Asim in yesterday's episode. Shehnaaz confronts Sidharth and they have a mini fight too. But that is a fair decision made by the captain as he picked both Paras and Asim to go to jail. 

Well, we are loving this phase of Sidharth Shukla were he is being logical, fair, wise and not aggressive at all. Good going Mr Shukla. 

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