Bigg Boss 13: Paras Chhabra's Ex Akanksha Puri On KISSA KAPDE KA, ‘I Am Not Seeking Revenge’

Akanksha Puri is exasperated with rumours of her not sending clothes for Paras Chhabra after his growing closeness with Mahira Sharma, here’s what she has to say

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Bigg Boss 13: Paras Chhabra's Ex Akanksha Puri On KISSA KAPDE KA, ‘I Am Not Seeking Revenge’
While Paras Chhabra is churning out some good drama inside the Bigg Boss 13 house, one can safely assume that he is unaware of all that’s happening outside. We are talking about his ex-girlfriend and actress Akanksha Puri, who announced her breakup with Paras after his growing proximity to Mahira Sharma. And ever since then, rumours were rife that Akanksha has also stopped sending clothes for Paras post their split. The actress, however, isn’t very happy with these speculations and vented out her exasperation in an interview with TOI. (ALSO READ - Bigg Boss 13: Akanksha Puri On Paras Chhabra-Mahira Sharma, ‘God Bless Them’)

Akanksha said that just because she has stopped watching the show, due to her personal choices, it doesn’t mean that she will start taking revenge from Paras. In fact, she has hired a personal stylist for him and very much keeps on a check on what he should wear. “I really don't understand why they are writing rubbish without even confirming it with me. They need to understand that not watching Bigg Boss and discontinuing to do something for Paras are two different things. I have told that I don't watch Bigg Boss anymore, it doesn't mean I will start seeking revenge,” said Akanksha.

She added, “I have hired a stylist for Paras, who manages and looks after his clothes. I had a meeting with her a few days ago, where we sat together and finalised all the clothes that he will be wearing on the show. From his casual attires to Weekend Ka Vaar outfits, we have zeroed in on everything.”

Upon her relationship with Paras, Akanksha said, “I am not that kind of person, who will back out of something like just out of anger. I have stopped watching because that is my personal choice. I am close to his mother, I share a very close bond with her and he is the same guy with whom I have shared beautiful memories. Yes, I am hurt with Paras as he said few things on Weekend Ka Vaar in front of Salman sir and he actually insulted our relationship.”

image source: instagram/parasvchhabrra