Bigg Boss 13 Poll: Fans Say Himanshi Khurana Should Confess Her Love For Asim Riaz After Re-Entering The House

As per all the Bigg Boss 13 fans, Himanshi Khurana should definitely confess her love for Asim Riaz after she enters the house as a wildcard. Check out our poll results below

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Bigg Boss 13 Poll: Fans Say Himanshi Khurana Should Confess Her Love For Asim Riaz After Re-Entering The House
Just when fans had accepted that there’s no scope of Asim Riaz and Himanshi Khurana dating each other during the latter’s stint in Bigg Boss 13, the tables have turned and how. From the past few days, we have been seeing Himanshi Khurana, though indirectly, admitting to being in love with Asim Riaz. Well, she had also sent some hints for him through Parag Tyagi and Umar Riaz. Interestingly, Himanshi is expected to re-enter the house as a wild card. (ALSO READ - Bigg Boss 13: Himanshi Supports Asim Post Breakup Blame; 'Rishta Mera Bhi Tuta Hai Dono Tough Situation Me Hai')

As a consequence of the same, SpotboyE had conducted a poll on whether Himanshi should confess her love for Asim upon her entry or not. The results failed to surprise us, as around 79% fans, AsiManshi shippers to be precise, have voted for a yes, and wish to see Himanshi and Asim as a couple. Well, there’s a score of 21% of people that are against it. “Absolutely! Like two contesting adults they have the right to choose their life, their decision of being together or not and sharing their feelings! In any case, we would LOVE to see #AsiManshi happen for real anytime on @BiggBoss,” wrote a fan. (ALSO READ - Bigg Boss 13 Poll: #SidNaaz Shippers, Rejoice; Sidharth Shukla Looks The Best With Shehnaaz Gill Feel Fans)

Check out the poll below:

Meanwhile, yesterday’s Weekend Ka Vaar episode saw Salman bringing up this topic in front of Asim and asking him whether he was responsible behind Himanshi’s breakup with her fiancé. As a result of the same, all the Asim Riaz fans took Twitter by storm by extending their support to Asim and trending #IStandByAsim. They also demanded Himanshi’s clarification, as it might just end up spoiling Riaz’s reputation. Well, all we can hope is to see Himanshi clearing this out after she enters the show.  (ALSO READ - Bigg Boss 13: Not As A Guest, Himanshi Khurana May Enter As A Wild-Card Contestant; Asim Riaz - How You Doin?)

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