Bigg Boss 13: Salman Khan Will Not Quit The Show Due To Health Issues

Recently, reports stated that Salman Khan will soon quit Bigg Boss 13 due to health issues. Now, a source close to the show has informed a portal that Bhai will not be leaving the show owing to illhealth

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Bigg Boss 13: Salman Khan Will Not Quit The Show Due To Health Issues
The season 13 of Bigg Boss has been garnering a lot of attention since the show has premiered. As the show is hosted by Salman Khan, the audiences eagerly wait for the Bigg Boss 13 Weekend Ka Vaar episode where Bhai lashes out at the contestants for their wrongdoing in the house. For a couple of weeks, due to the tension and nasty fights in the show, Salman has frequently expressed his anger at the contestants fuming out in the weekend episodes. Some reports said that all the drama seems to have taken a toll on Bhai's health and he is likely to quit the show because of it. However, now a source close to the Bigg Boss host informs that he will not quit the show but will continue with his hosting duties. 

Salman Khan has been a fan-favorite when it comes to Bigg Boss. As the viewers have been witnessing a lot of drama, controversies, physical and nasty fights in the Bigg Boss 13 house, which often stir up into a heated argument or much worse, Salman has been constantly seen trying to handle the situation. As reports stated that Salman has started having health issues with such incidents and will quit the show, according to a TOI report, the Bigg Boss host will continue to be a part of the show. The source close to Khan called the reports to be false and mentioned that Salman Khan is still a part of the show and is not quitting it. Also Read: Bigg Boss 13 POLL RESULTS: Just Like Rashami Desai, Fans Too Are SHOCKED To Find Out Arhaan Khan’s Secrets

Earlier, a Deccan Chronicle report stated that due to the heated incidents in the Bigg Boss 13 house, Salman Khan has started having health issues and his family does not want him to continue Bigg Boss. The report mentioned how the Bharat actor has recovered from a medical condition called Trigeminal Neuralgia which does not allow him to get extremely furious as it will upset his nerves. As per reports, as each member of the house has been jumping on to his nerves, it is not great for his well-being and hence it will be his last period of the show that he will have. The reports also stated that Salman Khan has wanted to quit the show, but the channel has been constantly urging him to come back.

Meanwhile, Salman Khan’s family clearly looks out for his well-being and the actor’s health should always be his first priority. Throughout the Bigg Boss 13 season, Salman Khan has been a phenomenal host and constantly entertains fans with his wit and humor. As there is no one like Salman, the Bigg Boss contestants can only be handled by Bhai. 

Image source: Instagram/Salman Khan