Bigg Boss 13 Winner Sidharth Shukla Tackles Online Trolls, Negativity And Rumours, 'Just Flip The Page, Life Goes On'

Bigg Boss 13 winner Sidharth Shukla spills the beans on what keeps him sane despite of online trolling, negativity and rumours putting him in tight spot

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Bigg Boss 13 Winner Sidharth Shukla Tackles Online Trolls, Negativity And Rumours, 'Just Flip The Page, Life Goes On'
Sidharth Shukla enjoys a huge fan base on the social networking sites, post his victory in TV reality show, Bigg Boss 13, the actor has remained in news for all the good reasons. This includes his single with BB13 second runners up Shehnaaz Gill, titled Bhula Dunga. There were also reports that he would join the cast of Ekta Kapoor’s supernatural TV Naagin 4, but that did not happen. But with love comes hatred as its part and parcel of life. Along with being appreciated, he has also fallen prey to trolling and negativity in his real life. 

In a live chat session with he shed light on how he tackles trolling online and negativity as well. While the actor mentions of moving on in his life and not paying an attention towards trolling online. He also feels it’s choice that one makes either to react to it or leave it. Talking about negativity on his real life, he also blesses people filled with negativity with some positive words. This is something worth learning from the actor. 

He says, “It's a fact, It of course happens. It's a social platform, you have the choice to just move forward. If someone is trolling you, you want to react you can react to it and if you don't want to react to it, you can just flip the page, go ahead and life goes on. It doesn't make a difference.”

He further adds, “The same. You either choose to walk out or maybe put in some good words, because negativity I feel is not what they see in you, but it is what is in them and that is the reason why they are bringing it out. So I just bless them that they are filled in with more positivity and they just let it be.” ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 13: Sidharth Shukla Explains The Controversy Surrounding His Win And Beating Asim Riaz To A Fan; This Man Is Cool As A Cucumber

Besides these two factors, when asked how he reacts to rumours, the actor mentions of simply laughing over it and moving on, as he doesn’t see any point in justifying them. He says, “There are a lot of times that I just laugh at the rumours that float. I cannot be justifying and giving credit to rumours or I don't even talk about it because they are just so funny and some of them are so baseless and outrageous.” ALSO READ: Sidharth Shukla's Workout Pictures That Prove He's A Boy Who Puts Gym Before Morning Coffee

But when the actor was in Bigg Boss 13 house and had completely cut off from the paps, certain rumours making the rounds on the internet, were addressed by him thus setting the record straight. “Few of them were broken during my stay at the Bigg Boss. There was a lot written and a lot was said. When I came face to face with it, everything was cleared. So, yes it is moments like these that you validate yourself. Rumours, I just laugh over it and I feel sorry as a lot of them are just stunts.” ALSO READ: Sidharth Shukla Shares A Shirtless Workout Pictures Putting His Delicious Abs On Display; Fans Say, 'Shukla This Body Is AAAG'

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