Bigg Boss 14: Post Eviction, Kavita Kaushik Reveals What Led To Her Fight With Eijaz Khan: ‘He Doesn’t Need Love, He Needs Chamchas’

Strap: After her eviction from Bigg Boss 14, Kavita Kaushik claims Eijaz Khan needs ‘chamchas’, and that he uses people to up his game. Read on

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Bigg Boss 14: Post Eviction, Kavita Kaushik Reveals What Led To Her Fight With Eijaz Khan: ‘He Doesn’t Need Love, He Needs Chamchas’
A lot has been said about Kavita Kaushik and Eijaz Khan’s fight on Bigg Boss 14, and post eviction, Kavita Kaushik has herself clarified about the same, revealing what actually led to her fight with Eijaz Khan. While Eijaz claimed she is one of his closes friends in the industry, Kavita then revealed that they weren’t best of friends the way Eijaz was portraying them to be. Now, in an interview with Hindustan Times, Kavita has said that Eijaz doesn’t need love, he only needs ‘chamchas’ in the house.

While speaking to Hindustan Times, Kavita Kaushik said, “The main thing that I was trying to convey was that Eijaz Khan does not need friends. He does not need love. He needs chamchas in the house and he just uses people to up his game. I was hurt. That is only what has backfired, that I was hurt.” While the outburst was shown on television, it wasn’t revealed clearly what caused it. Speaking about the same, Kavita said that since she stepped inside the house, Eijaz had been telling her how to play the game for his benefit. She said he started playing the victim card, and she formed opinions about contestants based on what he said.

She said that if he really was a friend, he would have told her to play her own game and judge people based on her experiences with them. She added that after he turned captain, he even asked her to come and report to him if anyone is breaking the rules. “I told him, ‘Hello, you are not my ustaad and I am not your chela!’ So many things like this happened and every time, I would try to tell him, ‘Hey, calm down. Look nice, smile. You look so stressed.’ He would tell me, ‘It’s your opinion. Keep your opinion to yourself,’” said Kavita.

She said there were many instances where Eijaz tried to dictate how she should behave and that’s when she lost her calm. “I kept ignoring them till a certain point where he told me, ‘Hey, you are supposed to behave in front of others, in front of the whole house in a certain way with me.’ When he said that, that’s when I blew my lid. I could see that he was only trying to use me,” said Kavita. ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 14: Shefali Jariwala Is Disappointed With Kavita Kaushik: ‘You’re Demeaning Eijaz Khan On National TV, Trying To Prove He Is On The Road’

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