Bigg Boss 16: Sajid Khan Lashes Out At Sumbul Touqeer, ‘Tu 18 Saal Ki Bachi Hai Ya Tu 18 Saal Ki Adult Hai’

In the last episode of Bigg Boss 16, Sajid Khan scolded Sumbul Touqeer after she intervened in the fight between Shalin Bhanot and Gautam Vig

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Bigg Boss 16: Sajid Khan Lashes Out At Sumbul Touqeer, ‘Tu 18 Saal Ki Bachi Hai Ya Tu 18 Saal Ki Adult Hai’
Bigg Boss 16 is keeping viewers hooked to the television screens. The show has now become interesting day by day as fights and disagreements are being witnessed. The content is entertaining and fans do not even miss a single episode, in fact, they await new episodes. In the last episode, Sajid Khan lashed out at Sumbul Touqeer.

Yes, you read right!

In the last night’s episode, Sumbul Touqeer sat with Gautam Vig and Tina Datta and they started teasing him for doing overtime with them and even asked her to meet Shalin Bhanot. Due to this she left the room and spoke to Shalin about their teasing. Hearing this Shalin lost his cool and picked up a fight with Gautam. A war of words cropped up between both the boys and the ‘Imlie’ actress tried to pacify Shalin and told him that he should not fight because of him.

As everything started to settle down, Sajid scolded Sumbul and asked her what she wanted. He said, “tu contradict mat kar. Agar tujhe khudke liye ladna hai to kisi aake mat bol, wahi ke wahi bol de jo bolna hai. Aur agar kisiko bolna hai to tu kisike liye nahi lad rahi. Understand what I am trying to teach you. Yaa to tu 18 saal ki bachi hai ya tu 18 saal ki adult hai.  Please decide kar ke bol de hum tujhe kis tarah se treat kre bachi samaj kr ya adult samaj kar. Adult hai to tu lad agar bachi hai to hum tere liye ladenge. Aur agr ladenge to tu hume beech mein rokegi nai. Mujhe meri fight ladne do.” 

Sajid even told her that she cries when Shalin takes a stand for her and stops him and also cries when Shalin does not take stand for him. Sumbul even mentioned that after her father’s appearance on the show, he thinks that she cannot fight her own battle. During the entire conversation, Shalin sat with Sumbul and calmed her down. 

After all this, one thing is clear that a new rivalry between Gautam and Shalin is growing in the house.

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