Bigg Boss OTT: Neha Bhasin Breaks Down After Her Spat With Moose Jattana, Says, ‘I Am Done, I Want To Go Home’

Bigg Boss OTT contestants Neha Bhasin and Moose Jattana have a spat after the latter rudely asks the singer if she had washed the utensils

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Bigg Boss OTT: Neha Bhasin Breaks Down After Her Spat With Moose Jattana, Says, ‘I Am Done, I Want To Go Home’
Bigg Boss OTT is just catching up the heat with loud arguments and explosive fights occurring between the housemates. This time locking the horns were singer Neha Bhasin and YouTuber-Influencer Moose Jattana. The argument that began in between them got Neha to break down, wanting to go back home. Moose, walking with two bowls, asked Neha if she had washed those. Moose’s tone notably was quite bitter. Neha mentioned if they aren’t clean she shall wash them again.

This was followed by Neha telling her housemates that she was irked with Moose’s attitude towards her. The singer stated she would smash her face. Moose, who too was present there, again asked Neha. To this, Neha replied, “Tere papa ka ghar nahi hai, dimaag satka hua hai, ghar chhodkar aayi hai.” Neha was heard saying, “Kyun aati hai baat karne.” Neha also expressed that Moose is ill-mannered and speaks ill. Also bringing in the age factor, where she asked Moose to respect her."

This leads to Neha having a meltdown. She says she doesn’t want to stay in the house with such cheap people and want to go home. She said, “Mujhe sadak chhap logon ke sath nahin rehna hai, I am done, I want to go home.”

Housemates Shamita Shetty, Urfi Javed, Raqesh, Divya Agarwal, Zeeshan Khan, Pratik Sehajpal and Milind Gaba, supported Neha. Urfi stated it was Moose who began the quarrel; Neha mentioned she doesn’t want to sleep next to Moose. Hence, Divya shifted Moose’s belongings to a sofa, asking her to sleep on her bed. ALSO READ: Bigg Boss OTT Promo: Shamita Shetty And Neha Bhasin Request Makers To Send More Gluten-Free Bread Packets; Contestants Chat With The Camera-WATCH

Moose then got all emotional. She shared with Nishant Bhat when Neha had picked on her family and her father, she remained quiet but was furious. Nishant told Raqesh that everyone ganging up against one person is unfair. Moose was later seen shifting to another bed with her belongings. ALSO READ: Bigg Boss OTT Day 6: Shamita Shetty Breaks Down Into Tears, While Divya Agarwal Loses Her Cool; Neha Bhasin Gives Ridhima Pandit A Peck On Her Lips

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