Bigg Boss OTT's Pratik Sehajpal On Former Girlfriend Pavitra Punia: "Main Uska Haath Pakadke Mandap Tak Le Jaunga Aur Eijaz Bhai Ko Bolunga, 'Lo Bhai Shaadi Karlo'"

Bigg Boss OTT contestant Pratik Sehajpal opened up about his former GF Pavitra Punia, recalls how was their relationship when they were dating

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Bigg Boss OTT's Pratik Sehajpal On Former Girlfriend Pavitra Punia: "Main Uska Haath Pakadke Mandap Tak Le Jaunga Aur Eijaz Bhai Ko Bolunga, 'Lo Bhai Shaadi Karlo'"
Is it the beginning of fireworks already! Well, Bigg Boss OTT contestant Pratik Sehajpal has spilled the beans about his ex. And this ex is none other than BB13 contestant Pavitra Punia. In an interview with Hindustan Times, he revealed his former ladylove was 'psychotic', 'possessive' and 'aggressive'. Further adding, so was he. When he was asked if he is prepared to face the topic about his former GF, he asserts he is okay with it. According to him, there is nothing to hide, as they both are in a happy space now.

He said, “There is nothing to hide. We were in love, but now we have moved on after the break-up. Both of us are happy in life. We have both worked hard to reach where we are in our lives. We have moved on. Both of us have the right to stay happy. I am okay with that (discussion around her). What can contestants do? They cannot shoot me. Even if they shoot me, I am bulletproof.” When asked what if makers decide to get in Pavitra as a wild card entry or maybe just a guest, reacting to it he hopes it will be fun.

He replied, “Dekhi jaegi aur kya (We will see when we come to that). I have not done anything wrong with her, nor did she do anything wrong with me in any manner. (laughs loudly) I do not know why I am laughing, there is nothing to laugh about. Maybe I am imagining she has come into the house and I am right there. I do not know how it will be, but it is going to be fun, I guess.”

Recalling the time, when they were in a relationship, he shared that they truly loved each other, but now they have moved on and are happy in their lives. “We have only told the truth about each other. She is aggressive, so am I. She is possessive, so am I. She is psychotic, so am I. We loved each other, now we are done with it and moved on in our lives,” added Pratik. ALSO READ: Bigg Boss OTT Contestant Ridhima Pandit: "I Want To Inspire Women To Speak Up"

Keeping in mind Pavitra is currently dating Eijaz Khan, he said that he would take her to the mandap and ask Eijaz to marry her as she solely belongs to him. “What I will do is take her to the mandap, hold her hand and tell Eijaz bhai (Eijaz Khan) ‘Lo bhai shadi kar lo, tumhari sampatti hai tum rakho humein kuch nahi (Please get married. She is your property, keep her with you, I do not have anything to do with her)’,” said the contestant.

After the break up, the two never met, the BB OTT contestant, Pratik said, “We never really met yaar after the break-up. In fact, my break-up was on such a note that I tried a lot to contact her. I am a person who gets attached to people soon and gets very difficult to get detached. I am either zero or hundred, when I have given my 100 per cent in a relationship, it gets difficult for me to detach from the person. I tried to contact her but she was unavailable and she never wanted to speak to me again. I think we met once when I went to her place to pick my stuff. I do not know how it is going to be (the meeting with Pavitra).” ALSO READ: Zeeshan Khan: My Curiosity And Questioning Of Logic Have Led Me To Bigg Boss OTT

When touched upon the topic that things inside the BB house tend to get nasty, he replied, “If you put a diamond in mud, it will still remain a diamond. No matter how dirty things get, you can just take it out, clean it up and it will still be priced at a few crores. This does not concern me at all.”

Pratik Sehjapal was picked as her connection by Bhojpuri actress Akshara Singh on the premiere night. Bigg Boss OTT is currently streaming on Voot and being hosted by filmmaker Karan Johar.

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