Dipika Kakar’s Fans Blast Sreesanth For Partying With Shilpa Shinde, Question His Bond With Bigg Boss 12 Winner

Sreesanth brought in 2019 along with Shilpa Shinde and Shivashish Mishra. However, the step has backfired as Dipika Kakar’s fans are blasting him on social media for partying with someone who constantly insults his ‘sister’

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Dipika Kakar’s Fans Blast Sreesanth For Partying With Shilpa Shinde, Question His Bond With Bigg Boss 12 Winner
Dipika Kakar took home the Bigg Boss 12 winner’s trophy. Goes without saying, the result disappointed Sreesanth’s supporters, who admired the cricketer for being ‘real’ on the reality show. One of Sreesanth’s supporters was Bigg Boss 11 winner, Shilpa Shinde. Time and again, the actress posted several tweets in the cricketer’s favour. In fact, she also appealed that votes be cast for him. However, once Dipika was declared the winner, she penned a couple of nasty tweets against her.

One said, “Deepika ko pata chalega Itna rone ke baad bhi show flop thaa... bichari, koi baat nahi .. khilona pakada diya.” The second one read, “Aajkal sabhi product banavati aate Hain.. yaha Tak makkhi maarne ke bhi.. Suna Hain show ke makers ne bhi milavati product ko promote karna shuru Kar Diya.. Makkhi pura season bhunbhunati rahi aakhir main Makkhi Jeet gayi Isliye trophy bhi break ho gai!!! 
Now, Sreesanth along with wife Bhuvneshwaru brought in the New Year with friends which had Shilpa in attendance. The Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain actress took to social media to post pictures of the revelry. She wrote, “Awesome time spent with real ppl of BB12 Felt awesome when he addressed me as "family" Credit goes to all my those fans who understood n supported him. I am glad that we could acquire a small space in his huge fan family @Bhuvneshwarisr1 @sreesanth36 #ShivashishMishra.”
This get together irked Dipika Kakar’s fans who pointed out that Sreesanth is partying with his someone who insults his ‘sister’ on a regular basis. One of them wrote, “If sm1 Insults your Sis day and Night will u still enjoy and party with That person🤔 Hence proved! @sreesanth36 only used @ms_dipika for the show, did all drama of being #Bhai to fool the audience. #Shinde lady is insulting #Dipika day night and #Sreesanth enjoying.”
Another one said, “Wonder why @Bhuvneshwarisr1 and #sreesanth not objecting @ShindeShilpaS to insult @ms_dipika i mean if she is such a huge supporter then #BHAI should object naa🤔is only #dipika emptions real for Bhai??”

Here are other tweets:

We wonder if Sreesanth or his wife, Bhuvneshwari will react to these allegations. Or maybe, Shilpa Shinde will have something to say. Let’s wait and watch.

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