Gaurav Khanna’s SHOCKING Transformation Leaves Anupama Fans Worried; Actor’s ‘Beggar Look’ Raises Questions

Gaurav Khanna, who essays the role of Anuj Kapadia in the serial Anupama, new ‘beggar look’ has raised concern amongst the fans about the show’s upcoming track

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Gaurav Khanna’s SHOCKING Transformation Leaves Anupama Fans Worried; Actor’s ‘Beggar Look’ Raises Questions
Hindi television actor Gaurav Khanna has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry with his versatile performances. Currently seen in Rupali Ganguly starrer Anupama, he essays the role of Anuj Kapadia. Ever since his entry on the show, he has been winning the hearts of the audiences with his acting. Recently his photo went viral on social media leaving the netizens eager about the serial’s upcoming track. With shaggy hair and an overgrown beard, Gaurav looks devastated as he wears a brown shawl around his shoulder.


Well, according to a report by the Free Press Journal, the show might be ready to take another leap in the show. Quoting a report by Just Showbiz, the media publication stated that after the new leap, Anupama might go missing, leaving Anuj distraught and in trauma. The report adds that Aadhya will be not like Anu and Anuj growing closer day by day and will try her best to separate them. Unhappy because of it she tries to commit suicide, however, Anu comes there and saves her life. 

It will be during the same that Anupama will get hurt and go missing. The Shah family and the Kapadias will believe that Anu is dead, leaving them distraught. On the other hand, not being able to bear Anu’s loss, he will be sent to a rehabilitation center to recover. Well, it seems like fans will be in for a rollercoaster ride of drama in the upcoming episodes of the show as they have been awaiting MaAn’s reunion for a long time now.

In the current track of the show, it was seen that Anuj breaks off his engagement with Shruti after he gets to know that she was the reason behind the downfall of Spice and Chutney and sabotaging Anu’s win on the Super Chef show. Rectifying her past mistakes, Shruti urges them to marry each other as the true love that they share is rarely attainable by people. On the other hand, Vanraj makes a huge spectacle during Dimpy and Titu's wedding by revealing the latter’s painful past in front of everyone. Despite it all, Dimpy decides to marry Titu as he has had a positive impact on her life.
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