Geet- Hui Sabse Parayi Re-telecast: Gurmeet Chaudhary Says, 'I Auditioned And Got Rejected 10-12 Times For Maan'- EXCLUSIVE

As the popular show, Geet-Hui Sabse Parayi, starring Gurmeet Chaudhary and Drashti Dhami is all set to be retelecast, we spoke to the lead actor, who played the role of Maan, and he shared with us a lot of Interesting details about the show

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Geet- Hui Sabse Parayi Re-telecast: Gurmeet Chaudhary Says, 'I Auditioned And Got Rejected 10-12 Times For Maan'- EXCLUSIVE
TV's one of the most popular show Geet- Hui Sabse Parayi, starring Gurmeet Chaudhary and Drashti Dhami is set to get re-telecast on Shemaroo TV. We spoke to Gurmeet Chaudhary, who played the character of Maan, and he had some interesting trivias to share about the show. Read on: 

What importance does your role in Geet hold in your career?
I have come from TV to Films and doing good here. People keep asking me how did it happened and I always tell them, 'Ye Geet ki wajah se hua hai'.  The character which I played in that show of Maan Singh Khurana had a lot of heroism. Every quality of stars which touches the audience's heart, Maan had all the elements. From being an angry young man to a romantic hero.  
Geet has always been extremely close to my heart. Actors generally keep saying maine ye show kiya maine vo show kiya and main proudly bolta hoon maine Geet kiya. 


How did Geet come to you?
After Ramayan, Debina and I were doing a show, called Pati Patni Aur Woh, which was seen by a lot of people, including some makers and among them was Gul Khan (Producer). She called me for the audition of Geet and wanted me to play the character of Maan Singh Khurana.

So, the process seemed simple...
No, you won't believe but I almost auditioned 10-12 times for it and everytime the channel was rejecting me and asking for more options. But Gul had made up her mind that it will be only me who will play the lead and no one else. And at one point of time, I also thought that kya mazak chal raha hai, I can easily pull off the character, then why are they looking for more options. Har do din mein audition ke liye bulate phir bolte nahi hua yaar. Phir Gul bulati please come will audition one more time and it was going again and again. 

Then the channel decided to do a proper mock shoot with Drashti and me. And in that shoot, I had some bare body shots as the show was being made for a channel which was youth centric. They wanted someone with some good abs and all. And that time also, I was into fitness and I had that. Also, the chemistry and dialogue between me and her came out so well that I became confident that I will only be Maan. And that's how finally I got the role. 

You personally got involved to finalise Maan's look. What made you do that?
After doing Ram, it was my challenge to look different. So, for Geet the first thing which I got done was chopping my hair short. I kept a beard which became quite a trend when the show went on-air. All the daily soap actors, at that time, used to look same and wear similar outfits. So, I told Gul that Maan's styling has to be different. And she gave me a lot of options. Not just the look, but I also worked on my body language- right from walk to everything. Very few actors were getting to do action scenes in their respective shows, so I had pushed makers to include action scenes too. 
We hear the show was a huge hit in other countries as well...

There are shows which become popular in India but Geet is one show which was dubbed and aired in other countries as well and became a hit overseas too. Currently, its being telecast in Africa and it's no. 1 over there as I keep getting calls from fans abotu it. In Russia, it became popular and in Indonesia it is such a hit that I can't walk there as fans mob me. From the last 3 years, I have been visiting that country and whenever I go people call me by my name, Gurmeet. 

You think re-telecast of the show will add up to it... 
TV shows often get forgetten by people once they end. But Geet is still so fresh in people's mind that a new GEC channel is launching it. And ever since the news has come out, you won't believe how many messages and comments I have been receiving on my social media. Fans are sending me my video edits and what not. 

Your jodi with Drashti was a huge hit. Why didn't we see you working together again?
We didn't get any such offers honestly.  If something interesting would have come across, I am sure we would have done that. After Geet was over, I got busy with my reality shows and filmy career. We may have not worked together post that but fans tag us so much together till now on social media that I feel the show is still on. And I think those who were demanding to see the on-screen chemistry, will love to watch the re telecast of the show.