Hindustani Bhau On Losing His Mother: 'Bahut Ziddi Thi Woh, I Took Care Of Her Like My Daughter'- EXCLUSIVE

Hindustani Bhau's mother passed away recently. The former Bigg Boss contestant is extremely moved and emotional with the irreplaceable loss

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Hindustani Bhau On Losing His Mother: 'Bahut Ziddi Thi Woh, I Took Care Of Her Like My Daughter'- EXCLUSIVE
On October 26, Hindustani Bhau lost the most precious person in his life and that was his mother. Though the reason behind her death wasn't shared by him. And now, talking to SpotboyE.com exclusively, Hindustani Bhau aka Vikas Fhakat not only opened up about her death but also shared how close and attached he was to her.

Hindustani Bhau, who is a famous Youtuber and also participated in the controversial reality show Bigg Boss 13 as a contestant, was shooting for his music video in Jaipur when he got the news of her being unwell and he rushed back to Mumbai immediately.

"I was shooting for my upcoming song 'Love Ka Injection' with Star Boy LOC in Jaipur when I got to know she is unwell due to which I couldn't complete my shoot and had to come back. On October 19, around 2:30 am in the night she got quite unwell," said Bhau.  ALSO READ:Bigg Boss 13 Contestant Hindustani Bhau AKA Vikas Fhatak’s Mother Passes Away


Sharing what had exactly happened to her, Bhau reveals, "She took medicines empty stomach and those medicines were very strong because of which she fainted on the floor. Her blood pressure became extremely low and oxygen level dropped as well. We rushed her to hospital and she was hospitalised for almost 5-6 days and got discharged but on 26th she again started feeling unwell and this time we lost her."  ALSO READ:Ekta Kapoor Replies To Hindustani Bhau's Legal Notice, Calls His Allegations 'Baseless' And 'Misleading'- EXCLUSIVE

Vikas was extremely close to his mother. "She was not my mother. I used to take care of her like my own daughter. She used to make demands like a kid. Bahut ziddi thi vo jab tak ice-cream nahi doon tab tak khana nahi khaati thi. And that's why I used to never leave her alone for more than two days. In those two days also I had camera's at my home, so I used to keep a complete tab on her. Until and unless I used to call and convince her to do a few things, she used to not do. I came out of the Bigg Boss house also because of her."

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