‘Inspirational Rashami Desai’ Trends On Twitter After The Bigg Boss 13 Contestant Calmly Handles Questions About Arhaan Khan

Rashami Desai’s fans are trending ‘Inspirational Rashami Desai’ after she amazingly handled questions about Arhaan Khan in a recent interview. The Bigg Boss 13 contestant received a lot of love from her followers for keeping her calm

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‘Inspirational Rashami Desai’ Trends On Twitter After The Bigg Boss 13 Contestant Calmly Handles Questions About Arhaan Khan

Big Boss 13’s Rashami Desai had already been famous been her stint in the reality show, but her fandom only grew after BB 13. The Dil Se Dil Tak actress won hearts during the show, and her fans are often trending  her hashtags even months after Bigg Boss 13 ended. Rashami and Arhaan Khan’s relationship and break-up had been quiet public. They recently hit the news as Rashami’s bank statements were leaked, showing huge amount of money transferred to Arhaan’s account. A few days ago, she went LIVE on her Instagram, spilling the beans on what went wrong.

Rashami Desai’s fans were inspired by her life story and how she braved through everything she has faced. In honor of this, her fans were trending ‘Inspirational Rasami Desai’ on Twitter. It also so happened, that Rashami, in a recent interview, calmly handled questions about Arhaan Khan directed at her. She said, “I think I have made it very clear I have ended that topic and wouldn’t like to discuss.” Throughout, she maintained that whatever she had to say, she said it on her live, and need not be repeating it again. Her fans were in awe of how gracefully she handled it.

While one user wrote, “But well done Rashami for keeping calm.. I could feel that some questions were making you cringe but how amazingly you answered them all.. Way to go! Inspirational Rashami Desai,” another fan wrote, “The way she answered #fifafooz questions.. She tried to dig in her personal life but the way she handled it.. I remembered the dialog from pink ‘’ No means No’’. Blunt n superb.. We love you #rashamidesai Inspirational Rashami Desai.” Take a look:

During her live session on Instagram. Rashami Desai opened up about Arhaan Khan and said, “When I came out of Bigg Boss 13 house I got to know more shocking realities around him. Maine tab bhi tumhare bare mein galat nahi bola. Show ke dauran bhi kabhi galat nahi bola to ab kyun bolungi. Bolne ke liye to mere pass bhi bhaut kuch hai. But main bolna nahi chahungi. Agar band kamre mein ki gayi baatien bahar aati hai to uske chithde udte hain.” ALSO READ: Rashami Desai Gets Emotional On LIVE Chat; Says ‘Galti Thi Maine Pyaar Kiya’ After Leaked Bank Statements Show Funds Transfer To Arhaan

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