Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2: Pooja Banerjee Drops Excessive Jewellery; Says, 'New Normal Feels Very Mechanical And Incomplete'- EXCLUSIVE PICTURES

Pooja Banerjee aka Nivedita Basu of Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2 started shooting today. We spoke to her about the first day experience and how different it is to shoot in the new normal

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Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2: Pooja Banerjee Drops Excessive Jewellery; Says, 'New Normal Feels Very Mechanical And Incomplete'- EXCLUSIVE PICTURES
Last month while talking to us exclusively, Pooja Banerjee who essays the character of Nivedita Basu in Ekta Kapoor's Kasautii Zindagii Kay had raised concerns about getting ready by herself once the shoot begins with precautionary measures. 

Talking to us Pooja had said, "In my makeup room, there used to be usually 5 people, helping me out to get ready-two hair stylists, one makeup artiste and two people for my saree draping and jewellery. So, if I will have to do all of this myself, I don't know how I will be able to as I take an hour and half to get ready with the help of these people." 

And today, Pooja finally started shooting for the show along with Aamna Sharif and Shubhaavi Choksey. So, we decided to speak with her again and tell us how her experience is.


Ask her how she managed to get ready for the character of Nivedita Basu as it takes a lot of time and the actress said, "My hair didi and make up didi and the assistant who helps me in draping my Saree- they all were wearing PPE gears, they were fully covered with face shields. So, I was completely safe with them. The entire set is sanitised and I could see very less people there. My Jewellery has been reduced so that I can wear it on my own. The people are trained well like whatever stuff they are carrying to an artist room, like makeup or jewellery they have to put it in the UV box, sanitise it and then only they can take it to our rooms." 



Pooja also added, "The things which I can do by myself I am only doing. I am washing my utensils and having my own lunch, breakfast which I carry from home. I am carrying my own water bottle that nobody touches. And of course sanitiser sprays and all." 

Pooja also shared what it was like to shoot in the new normal. "It's a very different kind of experience because you have to wear the mask all the time- it becomes really tiring. Today, even before I started shooting mera gala sukh gaya jo ki normally hota nahi hai mere saath. People are not meeting each other like they used to. We are maintaining social distance. Today I had a scene with Shubhaavi Choksey (Mohini Basu) and Aamna Sharif (Komolika). We are so used to touching each other and doing the scenes but now we have to maintain the distance. Kai baar aisa hua that we were above to touch each other but stopped. Scenes look very mechanical now. We try to do  it with heart and emotions but it's giving an incomplete feeling and I am sure this must be happening with all the actors," said Pooja. 

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