Kashmera Shah Hits Back At Rubina Dilaik And Abhinav Shukla For Their Reaction To Her Tweet: ‘Why Are Only These Two Reacting?’

Kashmera Shah had in a tweet implied that the previous season of Bigg Boss was boring.

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Kashmera Shah Hits Back At Rubina Dilaik And Abhinav Shukla For Their Reaction To Her Tweet: ‘Why Are Only These Two Reacting?’
Bigg Boss 15’s high pitched drama has kept the fans entertained and several celebrities have been sharing their opinions about the contestants and their gameplay in the popular television show. While BB15 is gradually gaining momentum, Kashmera Shah’s recent tweet has stirred a bit of controversy. The actress took a sly dig at the contestants of Bigg Boss 14 and implied that the previous season of the show - BB14 - was boring. BB14's Rubina Dilaik and Abhinav Shukla reacted, and now Kashmera has answered them back.

It so happened that Kashmera, who has been seen in Bigg Boss twice, on October 9 wrote, “Just saw last night’s episode and this season of @BiggBoss kicks last season’s a**. Superb job team for casting interesting people that are interested in playing the game and don’t spend their entire time doing yoga and eating apples @ColorsTV @BeingSalmanKhan #bb15.”

BB14 winner Rubina Dilaik reacted to her tweet, and sent her love. “Sending you love and strength," she quoted Kash's tweet and posted.

Rubina's husband and BB14 contestant Abhinav Shukla, on his part, hit out at Kashmera with a sarcastic response. He wrote, “For all those who are struggling to tweet something, apparently smart to get back to do another INSIPID stint in BB I will send 10 Kgs of apples and if you don’t get another stint ….Yoga really helps! #wasteoftweet.”

Kashmera has now reacted to Rubina and Abhinav’s response and questioned why they reacted to her tweet.

Kashmera Shah told ETimes, "I don't know why they [Rubina and Abhinav] reacted. Are they acknowledging that this is all they did, especially Abhinav? Also why did other participants not react? Why only these two?"

"Why are only these two reacting? Did no one else eat apples in the house? And Mr A Shukla needs to check IMDB before he comments on my achievements. Please introduce him to Google," she added.

When asked if she targeted them specifically, Kashmera responded, "I don't target anybody especially where 'Bigg Boss' is concerned. My reaction is of an audience. I think this season is awesome and that what I wrote last season saying that it was boring as hell was something I was also a part of."

For the unversed, Kashmera was a part of Bigg Boss 14 and did not get along well with Rubina and Abhinav. She was originally a part of Bigg Boss 1, and stayed inside the BB13 house for a week as well - to support her sister-in-law Arti Singh.

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