Kill Me, Crucify Me, Hate Me, But Save Someone You Love: Poonam Pandey Defends Her Actions Over Fake Death News

Poonam Pandey is keen on defending her actions and the actress has now shared an open message on Instagram stories over her fake death news

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Kill Me, Crucify Me, Hate Me, But Save Someone You Love: Poonam Pandey Defends Her Actions Over Fake Death News
Amidst the widespread criticism surrounding her alleged deception regarding her 'death' from cervical cancer, the controversial model and actress Poonam Pandey remains steadfast in her stance. In her latest Instagram post, she defiantly declares, "Kill me, crucify me, hate me, but save someone you love." The marketing agency Schbang, responsible for orchestrating this campaign in collaboration with Pandey, has also issued an apology. They acknowledged their involvement in the initiative aimed at raising awareness about cervical cancer alongside Hauterfly. The statement expresses a sincere apology, particularly directed towards those who may have been emotionally affected due to personal experiences with cancer or witnessing a loved one endure the challenges associated with it. ALSO READ: Poonam Pandey Fake Death News Row: Mumbai-Based Influencer Faizan Ansari Files Complaint Against The Actress, Says’ She Made Fun Of A Disease’ 

Addressing the perception of a sensationalized revelation that garnered skepticism as a mere publicity stunt, Pandey's agency provided clarification. The issued statement highlighted their overarching objective, emphasizing their commitment to raising awareness about Cervical Cancer. Citing alarming statistics for 2022 in India, where 123,907 cases and 77,348 deaths were recorded, the agency underscored the prevalence of Cervical Cancer as the second-most common malignancy among middle-aged women.

Drawing attention to a personal connection, the statement revealed that Poonam's mother had battled cancer, enhancing her understanding of the disease's challenges. Stressing the significance of prevention and awareness, especially with the availability of a vaccine, the agency asserted her unique perspective. Notably, they claimed that the initiative marked the first time in the country's history that the term 'Cervical Cancer' appeared in over 1000 headlines. ALSO READ: Poonam Pandey's Agency Issues Official Statement Over Her Fake Death News, Reveals Motive Behind THIS Move - DEETS INSIDE 

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Concluding with an expression of deep apology to those potentially affected by the campaign, the agency acknowledged the ensuing debate about their approach. While regretting any distress caused, they defended their methods by emphasizing the potential positive impact on spreading crucial awareness and preventing fatalities.

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