Mere Angne Mein: Get Over #Asimanshi; Ahead Of Asim Riaz - Jacqueline Fernandez' Song Release, #JacSimfever Rules Twitter

As Mere Ange Mein starring Jacqueline Fernandez and Asim Riaz is just a few hours away from its release, fans have gone crazy and have started a new trend on Twitter which is #JacSimFever. Well, this fever is spreading and growing rapidly. Are you high on this fever, too?

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Mere Angne Mein: Get Over #Asimanshi; Ahead Of Asim Riaz - Jacqueline Fernandez' Song Release, #JacSimfever Rules Twitter

For a few days now, Bigg Boss 13 runner-up Asim Riaz and Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandez have been hitting headlines for their upcoming collaboration. Earlier, Jacqueline shared pictures from the dance rehearsals. Later, we came across many behind-the-scenes photos and videos of the two were Jacqueline is seen in a traditional princess getup while Asim is in a white suit. These pictures gave us a fair idea of what to look forward to. However, seems like the fans have already lost their calm as they just can't wait for the single, Mere Angne Mein to release which is expected to release tomorrow, March 8.


Asim Riaz and Jacqueline Fernandez's fan clubs are now flooding the social media with a new term they have coined, #JacSimFever. Yes, the hashtag is currently trending on the top spot. A few minutes ago, we checked the number of tweets using this hashtag was 381k tweets, now the number has gone up to 411k tweets, well, this is growing every minute and we are sure that this will reach 500k in a matter of no time.


As we went through the tweets, one Twitter user commented, "Congratulations to Asim for his first music video with  @Asli_Jacqueline   May he get more success in future. From Your supporters.  #JacSimFever." While another one announced that they will now trend the same on Instagram as well, "@Asli_Jacqueline  has so many fan clubs with more than 500k Followers and near 1 million Followers! So we’re spreading this #JacSimFever to the Instagram too! Get ready  @imrealasim  we are welcoming you to Bollywood so grandly!  @TSeries  release his first look too!  @iAmNehaKakkar" 

Another Asim fan tweeted, As I said, My support will always be there for Champ  @imrealasim. So this tweet is dedicated for his success ! Keep going champ. #JacSimFever". WHOA!