My Wife Will Kill Me: Shark Tank India 3 Judge Aman Gupta Comments On Viral Video That Shows His Romantic Angle With A Pitcher – WATCH

Aman Gupta's viral edit from Shark Tank India season 3 is going viral that adds his romantic angle with a pitcher, check out his comment below

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My Wife Will Kill Me: Shark Tank India 3 Judge Aman Gupta Comments On Viral Video That Shows His Romantic Angle With A Pitcher – WATCH
A recent episode of Shark Tank India 3 garnered attention and earned praise from all the panel judges. The internet has since added a humorous twist to a clip from that episode. Last week, Priyasha Shaluja, the owner of a bakery business, impressed the Sharks with her pitch. The edited video, featuring her and one of the Sharks, Aman Gupta, caught the entrepreneur's eye, prompting a comment from the co-founder of boAt. ALSO READ: Shark Tank India 3: Peyush Bansal Unhappy With Clothing Brand That Didn't Return His Invested Money, Says 'Aane Doh Inko Aaj'- WATCH New Promo

A fan creatively edited a clip from the Shark Tank India 3 episode, featuring the 41-year-old and the bakery owner. The edited sequence starts with Aman offering a deal, to which the bakery owner humorously responds, "Don’t intimidate me like that." The edited reel captures their endearing moments, set to a romantic song. ALSO READ: Shark Tank India Season 3 Telecast Date-Time, Judges, And More: All You Need To Know About The Popular Reality Show

Uploaded three days ago, the video has garnered over 3 lakh views. Seeing the clip, the popular entrepreneur added a witty comment, saying, "You guys are crazy… My wife will kill me…. but for sure the edit has come out nice…. Tell the editor to apply for a position in boAt now….” Netizens enjoyed the edit too and the video has lakhs of likes on Instagram.

Speaking about the same episode, entrepreneur Priyasha Shaluja took the stage to discuss her brand specializing in gluten-free bakeries. Presenting impressive sales figures over the years, she captivated the Sharks. In an effort to persuade the judges, she emphasized her excellent credit score and transparent business practices, stating that she never lies and promptly returns borrowed funds.


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When Anupam Mittal inquired about her credit score, the pitcher's response left everyone astonished, revealing it to be above 800. Vineeta Singh exclaimed, "Uniquest pitch ever," while Deepinder Goyal remarked, "She is the Shark on the Shark Tank." In a playful moment, Aman Gupta even stood up and suggested she take his seat. Shark Tank India 3 is streaming on the Sony LIV app.
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