Nimki Mukhiya Actress Bhumika Gurung’s Secret Roka With Boyfriend Keith

Bhumika Gurung has decided to take her relationship with Amit Singh Gossain (Keith) to the next level. The actress’ roka ceremony took place a few months ago

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Nimki Mukhiya Actress Bhumika Gurung’s Secret Roka With Boyfriend Keith
Here’s good news for all you Bhumika Gurung fans. The actress has had a secret roka ceremony with longtime boyfriend, Amit Singh Gossain, popularly known as Keith. In September this year, speculations were rife that the Nimki Mukhiya actress had tied the knot with the choreographer-actor but Bhumika had refuted the reports.

It is now official that she is not married but a small ceremony to lock the wedding has taken place. She told Bombay Times, “I’ve had a roka ceremony, but I am not married yet. Keith and I have been living in for almost five years now. There is no question of a secret marriage. Our parents have met many times and so, there was no reason to get married in a hurry. I am happy that I have found Keith because he has all the qualities of a husband and a soulmate. The decision to have a roka was sudden and so, we had an intimate ceremony, which was attended just by our family members.”

When asked about rumours of a break-up a few months ago, Bhumika said, “That was just an argument we had. I think we have lived with each other long enough to not get affected by small fights. Keith is not a conventional boyfriend, who waits for his partner to come home and cook food and serve him. If I am getting late at work, he helps in the kitchen. He understands me well.”

The Nimki Mukhiya actress also addressed her wedding plans and told Bombay Times, “We have not set a wedding date now, but I am getting engaged next month. Marriage can wait for some time till we get more settled in our careers. I met Keith many years ago through common friends and we hit it off really well. Even after marriage I will continue to work. I am exactly like my character Nimki in real life, too.”

You may recall, was the first to tell you that Bhumika has got back with Keith after a brief break-up . In fact, our well-placed sources did tell us that the actress’ roka has taken place, but when we called her to inquire about the same, she told us that she will call us back but the call never came. Congratulations, Bhumika and Keith!

Image Source: instagram/gurungbhumika